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“Lets go.

You are leaving with me!” Yu Guangxin dragged his wife and tried to take her away.

He had decided to come back later to apologize to Yan Zhiqing.

He couldnt even begin to imagine the damage that had been done to his career.

Considering that it was his wife who had defamed Yan Zhiqing, he would suffer the consequences as well.

He had personally witnessed how Yan Beicheng had rushed to the set to see Yan Zhiqing because of unverified news.

Clearly, Yan Zhiqing was very important to him.

It was his wife that had mistreated Yan Zhiqing.

Would Yan Beicheng forgive him

“I am not leaving!” his wife shouted.

“Why should I leave Yu Guangxin, you are heartless!

“Ive suffered for so many years ever since our marriage.

It was years of hard work, but you are now famous.

We could finally live a good life.

But you started being unfaithful!

“What did you promise me when we got married You said that you would treat me well for the rest of my life.

When things were most difficult for you, I stayed with you and I never once left.

You said that you would never do anything that would let me down.

“How many years has it been since then How many times has this happened behind my back In almost every television series and film you were cast in, you would sleep with a member of the cast or crew.

And now, you managed to sleep with Yan Zhiqing.

You are so capable!”

“Stop with your nonsense!” Yu Guangxins eyes turned red out of anger.

He hurriedly turned towards Yan Zhiqing and apologized, “Zhiqing, I am so sorry.

My wife is saying nonsense.

I am sorry she disturbed you tonight and gave you so much trouble.”

“You are aware of how much trouble this is,” Shi Xiaoya said flatly.

“Your wife has been shouting.

Not only are the entire cast and crew present, but there are hotel customers here as well, and they have nothing to do with the film production.

Now, all of them have heard your wife defaming Zhiqing.

“They wont care if Zhiqing is innocent.

In their eyes, this would just be another news worth gossiping about, and they could spread this news around.

If the reporters reported about this, Zhiqing would be the most innocent person in this scandal!

“She did nothing wrong.

Why should she be scolded like this” Shi Xiaoya spoke angrily.

“This is an issue between you and your wife, so you should have solved it between yourselves.

Why would you come bother Yan Zhiqing


Yu, Zhiqing is my good friend.

We arrived on the set together.

I have always been around her.

She barely talked to Yu Guangxin.

Who told you such disgusting lies”

But even after Shi Xiaoya and Yu Guangxin had said all these things…


Yu remained stubborn as she immediately replied, “Are you with her at night as well If you are not with her every night, how are you going to prove her innocence”

While pointing at Wei Wucai, Mrs.

Yu said, “This man just walked out of her room earlier!”

Wei Wucai lifted his brows and sneered before he replied, “Am I Yu Guangxin You must be blind!”

That was what Wei Wucai had said.

However, for some reason, Shi Xiaoya felt that the tone of his voice was somewhat prideful.

He seemed happy to be seen coming out of Yan Zhiqings room.

As for Yan Zhiqing, she was still angry because of Mrs.


The clueless expression on her face clearly indicated that she didnt notice the tone at all.

At this moment, Shi Xiaoya felt bad for Yan Zhiqing.

Shes so clueless! What was she going to do!

“Stop it!” Yu Guangxin was so worried.

“Come! Come with me!”

“I am not leaving! Until everything is cleared up, I am not leaving!” Mrs.

Yu kept on pulling back with all her might, refusing to leave.


Yu is not wrong.” Yan Zhiqing finally spoke.

“While things are not yet cleared up, dont leave.”


Yu stared at Yan Zhiqing.

Yan Zhiqing said to her, “I am sure you came here to catch a cheater, but why did you come looking for me Shouldnt you be looking for Yu Guangxin”

Yan Zhiqing asked coldly, “Why would you think it was me For no reason at all”

“Obviously, someone told me.

She told me that she has a friend on the set and her friend saw everything!” Mrs.

Yu said loudly.

“Who told you that Who is her friend on the set Who is she I dont even know.

I have done nothing wrong on the set, but someone here still spread rumors about me!” Yan Zhiqing said angrily.

Many of the crew members were present.

They were all looking at each other.

They wanted to figure out who it was that had spread this rumor.

But everyone else looked clueless as well.

“You dont have to know,” Mrs.

Yu said.

“I promised them I would keep it a secret.

I cant be the reason why they lose their job.”


By refusing to tell us that, you are refusing to give us evidence,” Yan Zhiqing said calmly.

“This means that you have defamed me without any evidence.

Did you see anything going on between me and Yu Guangxin when you arrived at my door No.

“Therefore, this is libel.

Defamation.” Yan Zhiqing continued coldly, “And so, you will be getting a letter from my lawyer.”

At this moment, Han Zhuoling, who had been standing beside Shi Xiaoya in silence, opened his mouth slowly.

Everyones attention immediately turned to Han Zhuoling.

“Zhiqing will be suing you for defamation and you cannot provide any evidence.

I am sure the crew would not want such a scandal to emerge, causing the movies reputation to take a hit,” Han Zhuoling said.

“Director Wu, in this case, does Yu Guangxin have a lot of screen time

“Of course, I am not enforcing this.

Ill still respect Director Wus decision.

If Yu Guangxin has already filmed a lot of his scenes and finding someone else to replace him would affect the film production progress, then we will let it go.

However, if it wouldnt affect anything much…” Han Zhuoling dared to say this because it had only been a few days since they started making this film.

How much of Yu Guangxins scenes could they have possibly filmed

When Mrs.

Yu heard this, she immediately became worried.

She glared at Han Zhuoling and said, “This is between the crew and the cast.

Who are you to butt in!”

Of course, she knew who Han Zhuoling was.

Yu Guangxin was part of this industry.

Even if Mrs.

Yu didnt know a lot, she knew about the Han Corporation.

However, she did not know that the Han Corporation had invested in this film.

And now, Han Zhuoling was going to drop Yu Guangxin from this movie, causing Mrs.

Yu to feel this sense of urgency.

She naturally couldnt be bothered with anything else.

She just wanted Yu Guangxin to keep his job.

On this day, Yu Guangxin finally experienced the feeling of having a wife that would ruin the family.

She had basically ruined his life.

“Enough!” Yu Guangxin was flustered as he raged, “The Han Corporation has invested in this film.

Tell me if that doesnt give him a right to intervene!”

Yu Guangxin felt as though everything had turned dark before his eyes.

He felt that his future career was doomed.

It had taken him so many years of hard work to achieve the success he had today.

And his wife had ruined all of it in one day!

Yu Guangxin hadnt forgotten how his wife had supported him.

Both of them had supported each other through it all.

When he became famous, he started getting more temptations and started wanting new things.

However, he thought that no matter how much fun he had, he wouldnt divorce his wife.

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