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“Shes using you to harm me, but she never intended to let you go easily.

“In my opinion, you are innocent.

You have done nothing wrong to her, but she used you like this.

It was because of her that Yu Guangxin lost his job, and its unknown as to how his future career would progress.

It took ten years of hard work for him to achieve the success he has today.

And all of his effort might have gone to waste because of this thing.”

Yan Zhiqing paused and said, “Therefore, do you still want to sacrifice your husbands career to protect an outsider”

“If I told you, would you… let Guangxin go” Mrs.

Yu asked.

“I am not negotiating with you.

I am asking, would you still want to protect the person who had used you and ruined your life” Yan Zhiqing said.

“Are you going to let that person who had used you escape without paying any price While you and your husband lost so much

“In addition, if you are only willing to tell us under the condition that we let Yu Guangxin off the hook, people who hear about this might think that you had lied because of this condition.

It wont actually do anything to the person who used you.” Yan Zhiqing raised her chin as she said, “Think about it yourself.”

Wei Wucai realized that his presence here was of no use.

Yan Zhiqing was furious, but she had calmed down.

Within a few words, she had deciphered the entire case in an organized manner.

Clearly, Mrs.

Yus resistance had been broken down.

She was no match for Yan Zhiqing.

Wei Wucai took out his phone and started recording.

He then heard Mrs.

Yu say, “I will tell you.

I will tell you! I wont let the person who used me get off so easily!”


Yu said, “It was Lu Xiuse.”

Everyone in the entertainment industry knew that Lu Xiuse and Yan Zhiqing were rivals.

Yu Guangxin suddenly turned and asked, “When did you become friends with Lu Xiuse”


Yu sniffed and said with her voice sounding muffled behind sobs, “Its just… I met her back when I was attending a dinner party event with you.

We chatted for a while, and I thought she was a nice person…”

Yu Guangxins hand trembled as he pointed at Mrs.


“You are such a fool! Is Lu Xiuse a nice person No one is simple-minded in this industry.

Someone is always out there to ruin you if you are not careful.

Of course, Miss Yan is definitely a good person.”

Yan Zhiqing felt the corner of her eye twitch.

Yu Guangxin had truly put in a lot of effort.

At this moment, he didnt forget to praise Yan Zhiqing.

Yu Guangxin had the guts to say this about Lu Xiuse not because he was not afraid of offending her.

Instead, looking at the current situation, Lu Xiuses career was ruined.

So why should he be afraid

“She told me that she knew someone from your crew and said that the crew member saw you and…” Mrs.

Yu started weeping.

“It was me who had been fooled.

I trusted her lie.”

“Dont you know that she doesnt have a good relationship with Miss Yan” Yu Guangxin said angrily.

“I told you a lot about the relationships in the entertainment industry because I was worried that you might say something wrong, offend someone, or be fooled by someone while you are interacting with people in this industry.

You knew about this, so why did you trust her Did you not wonder if she had any ulterior motives”


Yu said, “Because… because she didnt come looking for me.

I found her through someone else.

When she was in front of me, she made it seem like it was very difficult for her to tell me.

She instructed me to keep her identity a secret.”

Yan Zhiqing narrowed her eyes and asked, “Found her through someone else”

Since Mrs.

Yu had already said so much, she just started saying everything she knew.

She had no intention to keep anything a secret.


In the beginning, I was chatting with Luo Qingxian,” Mrs.

Yu said.

“You dont know her.

She is not part of the entertainment industry.”

Yan Zhiqing smiled and responded, “This is such a coincidence.

I do know her.”


Yu looked at her in surprise.

Yan Zhiqing immediately said, “Continue.”

“It… just happened naturally when I started telling her about my relationship with my husband.

Guangxin being unfaithful to me whenever he is on a set has been reported by many celebrity gossip social media accounts.

People who pay a lot of attention to celebrity gossip all know about this.

“I didnt expect Luo Qingxian to pay attention to these things.

She mentioned that she visited the production set not long ago, but because outsiders werent allowed in, she left quickly and did not get a chance to see Guangxin.

“She told me that Lu Xiuse is filming nearby and knows people on this set.

She said that Lu Xiuse would probably know a lot of things that are happening here,” Mrs.

Yu said.

“You actually know both of them at the same time.” Mrs.

Yu was quite capable to have met those two unfortunate human beings.


Yu explained, “I met Luo Qingxian first.

And I got the chance to know Lu Xiuse through Luo Qingxian.”

“Continue your story.” Yan Zhiqing nodded.

“Thats what happened.

Lu Xiuse told me that she can help me ask around about it, but she asked me to keep her identity a secret,” Mrs.

Yu said.

“Does this mean that you didnt see the cast or crew member that Lu Xiuse was talking about” Wei Wucai asked.


Yu shook her head and said, “No.

It was all hearsay.”

“Since shes told you everything she knew, can you please let us off the hook Director Wu, Miss Yan, Young Master Ling, I will behave properly on set.

My wife will not come causing issues.

If the public finds out what happened today, you can release recordings of what she said.

We will take full responsibility and promise to protect Miss Yans reputation from any harm,” Yu Guangxin hastily promised.

Yan Zhiqing didnt have to make this dreadful decision.

Han Zhuoling had spoken before her.

“I never take back decisions I have made.

Since I have already said it, I will not go back on my word.”

When Mrs.

Yu saw how pale Yu Guangxin looked, she felt so much hatred and blamed herself for what had happened.

At the same time, she held a grudge against Yan Zhiqing.

Han Zhuoling then said, “Dont hold a grudge against people whom you shouldnt hate and cannot win against.

You should instead think about the person who had used you and caused such damage to your life.

“You believed what you heard.

Instead of verifying it first, you tried to ruin Zhiqings reputation.

That is wrong of you.

But I think you have learned your lesson.

Because of you, your husband lost an important opportunity.

When you go back home, you two still have to deal with this between yourselves,” Han Zhuoling said.


Yu suddenly shuddered.

She couldnt bear to hold a grudge against Yan Zhiqing anymore when she was reminded of what had happened.

She started panicking as she pondered on whether Yu Guangxin might divorce her due to what had happened.

She truly loved him.

If not, she wouldnt have tolerated it when she knew that Yu Guangxin had done all those things that had disappointed her.

She basically humbled herself down to become like the dirt on the ground.

“If you have the energy, you might as well save the hatred and show it to someone who lied to you and used you.

Zhiqing is the victim of this situation.

She never did anything wrong, but she was wrongfully accused.

What right do you have to hate her You should hate the person you should hate.”

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