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“I got involved because of Wei Wucai,” Yan Zhiqing said angrily.

Wei Wucai paused and immediately smiled.

He wasnt angry at all.

In fact, for some reason, he felt a little happy.

“Yes, Luo Qingxian did this all because of me,” Wei Wucai said.

He continued, “What do you plan to do What do you plan to do with her Just tell me.

I will take care of her myself to alleviate your anger.”

“I dont care.

What does that have to do with me” Yan Zhiqing immediately said.

“This started because of you.

Of course, I got involved because of you.

They defamed me for no reason at all.”

She went on, “However, as for what you intend to do, its really up to you.

I have no request.

You deal with it yourself.”

Yan Zhiqing didnt notice at all.

When she was talking, she sounded like a pitiful and angry kid who had been bullied.

And yet, the tone of her voice expressed intimacy.

Such a tone could only be used for someone close to you.

“I was the one who got bullied.

How can you alleviate my anger Think about it yourself.” Yan Zhiqing was so proud of herself that she lifted her chin.

She was basically saying—”Lets see what you will do to prove how important I am to you.”

Wei Wucai smiled and stared at her.

Did she know that her current appearance seemed like that of a cowardly child who, after getting bullied, came to him to have him get justice for her


Let me handle it,” Wei Wucai said.

As of now, its more important to deal with the negative image caused by what Mrs.

Yu had done.

He pondered for a moment and realized that they would still need to trouble Lu Man.

Yan Zhiqing could have dealt with this matter herself.

However, Wu Mosen didnt like his cast members being in negative news stories, attracting unnecessary attention and causing a negative impact on the movie while it was still being filmed.

And so, it was inconvenient for Yan Zhiqing to make a public appearance.

Wei Wucai thus sent the recordings of Mrs.

Yus confession to Lu Man.

This time, Lu Man did not ask the celebrity gossip social media accounts to post the recording.

Lu Man rarely posted things herself.

Back then, when she was filming “Greedy Wolf Operation,” she did post things herself to fight against Zhang Lun.

Since then, she rarely posted things by herself.

She did it occasionally, but she would never be fully involved.

However, whenever the netizens saw the style of such posts and the familiar tactics, they knew that Lu Man had been the one who posted them.

But even if they knew this, Lu Man would still try to hide the fact that she was the one who had posted them.

But now, Lu Man had no intention of hiding at all.

She made a public appearance online and it instantly grabbed everyones attention.

Whatever it was that Lu Man was going to attack…

The fact that Lu Man had made a public appearance grabbed all the netizens attention.

It instantly became the number one trending news.

This was Lu Mans intention.

She wanted this matter to be as big as possible so that more people could see it.

This way, they could punish Lu Xiuse first.

Since Yan Zhiqing could not make a public appearance…

It would be best for Lu Man to do it herself to achieve the best results.

“Damn! Such big news! Go check it out!”

“Seriously… Whenever Lu Man appears, its some big news!”

“Lu Mans pregnancy does not prevent her from scolding people!”

“Oh, right! Lu Man is pregnant.

Even so, she doesnt stop.


The netizens were telling more people about the new post, saying that Lu Man must have felt bored while she was pregnant.


But now, she had returned like a queen.

They all went to check what had happened to Lu Man.

When they saw this, they saw that it was really some big news.

Lu Xiuse and this girl named Luo Qingxian, someone whom they did not recognize, actually lied to Yu Guangxins wife, telling her about Yu Guangxin and Yan Zhiqings impure relationship.

Its fine if they said it was someone else.

But they said it was Yan Zhiqing

There were very few who would believe them.

What guy could Yan Zhiqing not get

In addition, as of now, she was suspected to be dating Wei Wucai of the Wei Family.

Wei Wucai was such a handsome and successful guy.

Everyone saw him.

Not even a hundred Yu Guangxin could win against Wei Wucai.

Why would Yan Zhiqing choose Yu Guangxin instead of Wei Wucai

Because this matter had escalated, Lu Xiuse and Luo Qingxian obviously saw the post.

Lu Xiuse did not expect Yan Zhiqing to react so quickly.

She couldnt possibly allow the netizens to side with Yan Zhiqing without doing anything.

And so, she hastily contacted her team to hire Internet posters.

This type of comment started appearing in the comment section.

“Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai are not actually dating.

Yan Beicheng himself said that they are just friends and that they are not dating.

Something might really be going on between Yan Zhiqing and Yu Guangxin.”


Wei Wucai probably thinks she is not good enough for him.

Yan Zhiqing was bored and lonely and got together with Yu Guangxin.

This is absolutely possible.”

But Lu Man never actually released the full recording.

To protect Yan Zhiqing, she had cut out the part where Mrs.

Yu had mentioned that she saw Wei Wucai coming out of Yan Zhiqings room.

Lu Man had been watching the netizens comments because she knew that Lu Xiuse would hire an army of commenters.

Therefore, Lu Man immediately contacted Yan Zhiqing and asked if she could release this part of the recording.

“What if I said something” Wei Wucai suddenly asked.

Lu Man froze for a moment.

She was at the end of her second trimester and her reaction was much slower than when she was in her first trimester.

After a few seconds, Lu Man finally came back to her senses.

She answered, “If you can say something yourself, that would definitely be better.

But whats the most suitable thing to say What is the bottom line You should know that your words hold more credit than those of Mrs.


Lu Man asked, “But what does Zhiqing think of this”

“Its fine!” Yan Zhiqing said without any hesitation.

“There will most likely be another gossip news story about my relationship with Xiao Cai.

But this is better than being paired up with Yu Guangxin.

When everything is over, we will just explain that we are just friends.”

What Yan Zhiqing said did not sound right in Wei Wucais ears.

Why did Yan Zhiqing make it sound as though they were picking the lesser of two evils

She then heard Yan Zhiqing say, “Anyway, I cant just let Lu Xiuse off the hook easily!”

“Alright.” Lu Man hung up the phone and released the part of the audio that she had cut out.

Lu Man simply posted the recording with a two-word caption.

“As expected of the Roast God.

There is so much content in just two words and a simple audio recording.”

“Lu Man and Yan Zhiqing are such good friends.

She must know something.

Yan Zhiqing must have really gotten together with Wei Wucai.

Hahahaha! Hes handsome and she is beautiful! They are such a great match!”

“Lu Man should be referred to as the God of Hammer from now on.

The moment someone doubts her, she hammers them down with concrete evidence.

Any other doubts If you arent worried about being slapped in the face for what you said, then keep it coming!”

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