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The manager said, “Many of our clients have already suspended their collaboration with us.

There is a delay on the renewal of contracts that we have already finalized.

The clients who have signed a contract with us are holding up the shipment of the merchandise.

“Dong Yi, which has been working with us the longest, always gave us the lowest price in consideration of us being partners for such a long time.

However, this morning, when our employees were talking to their employees about renewing the contract and the prices, they refused to give us a confirmation.

“I contacted the manager of Dong Yi and they replied that it was because there has been some adjustment with the company policies.

The renewal of our contracts will be put on hold until the new policies have been established.

As for the price…

“He refused to be straightforward with me.

He just said that we will talk about the price when we renew our contracts.

“We have been working with Dong Yi for a long time.

The products they give us are of good quality and the prices are very cheap.

In addition, many of our customers overseas want products made by Dong Yi.

“We could seek out other companies and work with them.

But then, we would need to restart the whole negotiation.

The companies that offer good-quality products charge a higher price as well.

It will not be as cheap as the price Dong Yi had offered us.

This means that our profit would decrease by a lot.

“Nevertheless, many of our customers overseas do not accept other brands.

Some of the customers who have been working with us for a long time will be asking questions if they see that we have changed our parts supplier.

They will be asking us to provide them different types of testing data.

If that happened, we would be spending a lot of time chatting back and forth, causing yet another delay.

“In addition, some clients used to be willing to work with us, but now, they arent even letting us make their products.” The manager sighed and continued, “Its not yet time for us to finalize our financial report, but I have already asked someone to make a rough estimate.

Based on the current situation, I am going to assume that there will be a loss of profit.”

The manager ended, “Anyway, it is going to be a huge loss.”

The manager was aware of why this was happening.

The ruckus was all over the Internet.

The manager had experienced so many struggles.

He naturally could guess that the person behind this was really targeting Luo Qingxian and Lu Xiuse.

And the person dealing with Luo Qingxian must be Yan Beicheng.

However, judging by the current situation, Yan Beicheng probably had not even done anything, but those people had already distanced themselves from the Luo family due to fear or the optimal chance to please Yan Beicheng.

This would be considered a surrender to Yan Hui Corporation.

Their actions were telling Yan Beicheng that the Yan Family still had the final say even if they were working with the Luo family.

And if Yan Hui could share any benefits in the future, maybe that corporation could keep them in mind.

There was no need for Yan Beicheng to beg for it to happen.

Even without him doing so, the others had already done something in cooperation with Yan Beicheng.

The difference between the Luos and the Yans was equivalent to the difference between an ant and an elephant.

To have messed with Yan Zhiqing, Luo Qingxian must be as dumb as a pig.

When Luo Yonggang heard this, he could no longer sit still.

“I will not be explaining why this happened.

I am sure you can already guess it,” Luo Yonggang said.

“I am going to think of a way to solve this issue.

You just have to prioritize keeping Dong Yi with us and deal with the other companies later on.

Reassuring Dong Yi is the most important thing to do.

You may be excused.

We will be going out.”

The manager didnt say anything and went back to do more work.

Luo Yonggang then took Mrs.

Luo and Luo Qingxian and headed towards the production set where Yan Zhiqing was filming.

It was soon going to be noon.

Wei Wucai put his work aside and immediately went to see Yan Zhiqing.

He realized that he hadnt gotten a single chance to speak to Yan Zhiqing this morning.

He didnt even get to see her.

Wei Wucai thought it was so weird.

They used to see each other every day, from morning until night time.

Even when Yan Zhiqing was filming, he would watch from the side if he had nothing to do.

When she was resting, he would sit down beside her.

If she wasnt busy, he would chat with her.

If she was reading her script or practicing her lines with another person, he wouldnt disturb them.

However, Wei Wucai was busy dealing with Luo Qingxian in the morning, so he didnt have time to bother Yan Zhiqing.

And now, he had finally gotten a break from work.

But whenever he looked over at Yan Zhiqing, he would see that she was busy.

She was either reading her script.

Or she was practicing her lines with the other cast members.

If not, she was closing her eyes and resting.

He could not even find a chance to go see her.

Despite the difficulty, he finally managed to finish all his work.

Yan Zhiqing had finished filming all her scenes in the morning, and other cast members were currently being filmed.

Yan Zhiqing finished her work in the morning and could rest earlier.

And so, Wei Wucai immediately headed towards Yan Zhiqing.

Although Yan Zhiqing refused to admit it, Fang Qiaohan knew that Yan Zhiqing was hiding from Wei Wucai.

Therefore, when Wei Wucai was walking over, Fang Qiaohan hurriedly warned, “Zhiqing, Wei Wucai is walking over here.”

Yan Zhiqing was initially tired and about to fall asleep, but just as Fang Qiaohan had expected…

The moment Yan Zhiqing heard this, she was fully awake.

She hastily picked up her script.

She looked left and right and noticed that Shi Xiaoya was not around.

She couldnt even use Shi Xiaoya as an excuse.

She then saw Wei Wucai walking towards her.

If she were to get out of the van right now and left, it would be too obvious.

Yan Zhiqing quickly climbed to the second floor of the RV.

The RV was specially modified.

Back then, when she chose this RV, Yan Zhiqing had hired another designer to modify the interior into something she wanted.

Besides the simple kitchen and the shower in the RV, Yan Zhiqing had also requested for a tiny living room, a couch, and a dining table to be added.

Back then, when she bought this RV, she bought it with the intention of making her life easier when she was filming.

At least she would be able to eat more comfortably during meal times.

And so, Yan Zhiqing had demanded that a dining table be added to the RV.

She wanted a foldable table that could be stored away.

Normally, when the table was folded, it would hang right near the ceiling.

When its needed, she would put the table down.

All of it was controlled by a remote.

It was simple and convenient.

Besides that, the vertical space in the back of this camper van was split into two.

The bottom level was a closet that allowed Yan Zhiqing to conveniently store some clothes that she normally needed to change into.

It was especially convenient in the winter for storage of down jackets and coats.

There was a mattress on top of the closet.

It was a small single bed.

There was a very simple staircase on one side of the closet, which made it very convenient for Yan Zhiqing to climb onto the bed.

At this moment, Yan Zhiqing moved as fast as she could from where she was in the RV to the tiny bed on top of the closet.

She placed the script over her face and pretended to have fallen asleep.

Fang Qiaohan was speechless.

It was so obvious.

Did Yan Zhiqing think that Wei Wucai would have not been able to tell that this was intentionally done

Fang Qiaohan could only force herself to step out of the van.

At this moment, Wei Wucai walked over at the same time.

“Is Zhiqing inside” Wei Wucai asked.

Fang Qiaohan nodded and said, “Yes, but… she is sleeping.”

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