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The truth was, right now Yu Xingzhou was visiting the Artist Department to brag about his popularity in front of some celebrities who had yet to become famous and needed to come to the Artist Department from time to time.

“So you two are from the Public Relations Department!” Wang Lu also recognized Lu Man and Sister Li.

Not knowing about the unpleasant interaction between them that had happened just now, Wu Lize politely introduced them.

“Sit down first, this is Wang Lu.


Wang is Yu Xingzhous manager.”

Finally, everyone knew why Yu Xingzhou came to the Han Corporation today.

Yu Xingzhou was also an artist signed on by the Han Corporation, and he was extremely fortunate, becoming famous with just one web series.

Although currently, web series were getting a lot of attention, they still could not match up to the dramas aired on television, and there were actually not a lot of newcomers that could become famous because of web dramas, and Yu Xingzhou was one of them.

After becoming famous, Yu Xingzhou started to become arrogant, and it was rumored that he was acting like a diva.

Not long ago, there were people who even took videos and screenshots of Yu Xingzhous interactions with the organizers to prove that Yu Xingzhou was indeed acting like a diva, scolding his assistant and insulting his fans behind their backs.

At that time, Yu Xingzhous popularity had yet to stabilize, and with this kind of news being exposed caused him a very large backlash.

“I cant take this job.” Brother Zhang had always had that kind of temper.

Back then, because he had a misunderstanding of Lu Man, he had straightaway refused to teach Lu Man.

Similarly, right now, he directly said that he could not take this job.

Just now, he had heard Sister Li and Lu Man speak of Yu Xingzhou outrageous behaviour, misleading the fans even more.

Moreover, his fans were mostly young students, and Brother Zhang himself had a young daughter.

Thus, as he related those students to his daughter, he could not stand it even more.

“I also cant accept it.” Chen Shimian had yet to get married, but since his master had already rejected it, he obviously needed to follow him.

Suddenly, Wu Lizes expression turned a bit ugly, hence Chen Shimian hurriedly tried justifying his statement.

“Im lacking in ability, as for this crisis, I really dont know how to solve it, Im sorry!”

At that moment, Wang Lus face turned black.

It was just acting like a diva that caused his public image to be bad, what was so hard to solve about it.

Sister Li shook her head, “Im sorry, recently Ive had a lot of cases on hand, and have no time.”

“You have a large department, yet no one can take up this case Then whats the use of the Han Corporation having a Public Relations Department,” Wang Lu grumbled.

“Who said theres no one” Xia Mengxuan stood up.

She had finally attracted Wang Lus attention.

Xia Mengxuan then straightened her back and tidied her clothes as if doing that would let Wang Lu notice her and sign her on as a celebrity.

Lu Man lifted her eyebrows, she really did not expect that Xia Mengxuan to still harbor the dream of becoming a celebrity.

“Xia Mengxuan, what are you saying” Brother Zhang scolded unhappily.

However, Xia Mengxuan did not pay him any heed and continued smiling.

“I said, we still have someone in the Public Relations Department, she can definitely solve it, moreover, she also has the time to solve it.”

Surprised, Wang Lu asked “Theres someone who can solve it”

“Its Lu Man.

Shes our Public Relations Departments pride, theres no crisis she cannot solve,” Xia Mengxuan said.

Wang Lu looked at how Xia Mengxuan was pointing at Lu Man, and his face turned even more black; it would be strange if this woman could take up the case!

“Just her” Wang Lu pretended to be unimpressed.

“Haha, Mr.

Wang, dont look at how young Lu Man is, you might not know this, but, she received the Best Newcomer Award in the Gold Finger Award Ceremony,” Xia Mengxuan introduced Lu Man to the best of her ability.

This award, Mr.

Wang knew as well.

“You got the Gold Finger Award”

“I wont receive this case,” Lu Man ignored him straight-away; it was already quite good that she did not harm Yu Xingzhous reputation, why would she help him get a good reputation

Let him improve his reputation and continue teaching his fans bad things

“Lu Man, Sister Li, and Brother Zhang cannot take the case because they already have too many cases at hand, but you got a months leave before this, and just came back today, so you dont have any case and have a lot of free time, so why cant you take this case”


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