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At least, she still had some good feelings towards him.

Wei Wucai could not help holding his breath as he waited nervously for Yan Zhiqings reply.

Early in the morning, he had dared to seize the opportunity to take action instead of continuing to wait.

It was because he could sense from when he interacted with Yan Zhiqing in the past that she had some affection for him.

There were times when she blushed while facing him.

If she did not feel anything at all for him, why would she have blushed

Thus, Wei Wucai still had a bit of confidence it would work out.

However, when he truly arrived at this time where he had to wait for Yan Zhiqings answer, he became extremely nervous.

All of the confidence and feeling of certainty hed had previously had disappeared.


Without the confidence he had initially, he simply could not feel certain about what would happen.

Wei Wucai was currently standing at the entrance.

A door separated the two people; they were so close yet so far.

They were clearly almost within reach, yet they could not see or touch each other.

Due to this, the uncertainty in Wei Wucais heart increased by 10%.

His mind was filled with apprehension and great unease.

His heart rate increased as well.

This made him recall the time when he had yet to obtain official membership at the Mount Lan Compound and had to be assessed every time.

He had been just as nervous.

This was because every assessment was for the purpose of an advancement.

If he failed the assessment, he would fail to advance and be driven out of the Mount Lan Compound.

That was similar to this moment when he was waiting for Yan Zhiqings reply; both were major life events for him.

“Zhiqing” Wei Wucai was extremely nervous.

Seeing that Yan Zhiqing was taking so long to give him a reply, he couldnt help speaking up to inquire about it.

“I…” Yan Zhiqing said softly.

How could she possibly hide from Wei Wucai forever

She hid from him for a period previously, but it only made her heart more certain about him.

And now, wasnt she delaying things and hesitating because she couldnt let him go

She was worried that his fondness for her was only temporary, so she hesitated about moving forward in their relationship.


It was all because she liked him too.

If she did not like him, why would she hesitate

She shouldnt have pretended to consider keeping her distance from him.

“Give me some time.

Let me calm down a bit,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“I feel like this matter has come too suddenly.”

A gay man suddenly turned straight and told her he liked her.

How could it not be considered sudden

“Okay.” Hearing this, Wei Wucai let out a slight sigh of relief.

Although he still didnt have an official title and his relationship with Yan Zhiqing was still hanging in the balance…

At least Yan Zhiqing did not immediately reject him and cut him off from making any more advances.

“Then… Then I wont bother you.

Take some time to calm yourself down,” Wei Wucai said.

His voice sounded extremely aggrieved, as if the person who had been wronged was him.

Yan Zhiqing became really angry.

To think that he was actually putting on this miserable appearance with her at this time!

“Then Ill be going now,” Wei Wucai said.

“Ill leave the medicine by the door.

Dont forget to take it.”

Yan Zhiqing was rendered completely speechless by his attempt at gaining pity…

However, it was still effective.

At least, Wei Wucais gentle, cautious, and pitiful tone made it impossible for Yan Zhiqing to speak coldly towards him.

Yan Zhiqing unconsciously softened her tone and said, “Okay.”

It was just a simple word, but it sounded very warm.

Wei Wucai couldnt stop the happiness in his heart from appearing on his face.

He totally disregarded how the members of the Mount Lan Compound werent supposed to show their feelings, regardless of whether they were happy or angry.

“Then… Then Ill go now.

Have a good rest,” Wei Wucai said.

He waited for Yan Zhiqings reply before finally hanging up the call.

Yan Zhiqing did not immediately open the door to take the medicine.

She rested her head against the room door and waited for around five to six minutes.

Then, she pulled open the door just a crack.

Yan Zhiqing lowered her head and saw a bag of medicine sitting on the door mat.

She looked up, but there was no one ahead either.

Unable to speak the words in her heart, Yan Zhiqing let out a sigh of relief, but simultaneously, it gave her a sense of disappointment.

A lonely expression emerged on her face without restraint.

Seeing as Wei Wucai had already left, Yan Zhiqing relaxed and opened the door boldly.

She crouched down to pick up the bag of medicine.

Then she turned around to go back into the room.

Unexpectedly, the moment she turned, she saw a person who was supposed to have already left earlier standing right before her.

Yan Zhiqings eyes widened in shock, and she almost let out a scream.

She managed to hold back the scream, but she still unconsciously took a step backwards.

When she opened the door a moment ago, there had not been anyone outside the door.

Unexpectedly, Wei Wucai had actually been hiding beside the edge of a wall.

It just so happened to be in a blind spot.

Yan Zhiqing snapped out of it and realized Wei Wucai had lied to her.

She got so angry that she threw the bag of medicine right at Wei Wucai without even thinking about it.

Although the medicine was very light, the medicine box had sharp corners that would hurt quite a lot if they hit his face.

However, Wei Wucai did not dodge or block the bag of medicine, simply letting it go towards him.

He even lowered his angle slightly to let the bag, which was initially going to hit his chest, hit his face instead.

She… She had no intention of hitting his face!

Why did he suddenly lower his head!

The result was out.

All of the sharp corners of the medicine box hit his face.

Perhaps it was because Wei Wucais face was delicate or that his skin was fair…

Many small dots were already appearing on his face at this moment.

They were all caused by the sharp corners of the medicine box.

“Why did you deliberately lower your head!” Yan Zhiqings words were filled with more heartache than anger.

As she was feeling both angry and worried, her face also turned red.

However, in Wei Wucais eyes, Yan Zhiqing seemed more like she felt guilty and sorry for him.

“I said I left but didnt leave.

Youre definitely angry.

Im letting you vent your anger,” Wei Wucai said.

“It wouldnt have hurt if it hit my chest, so how could that have let you vent your anger”

Wei Wucai pointed at his face.

“I lowered my head to let you hit it.

What does a little thing like this matter as long as you get to cool your anger”

As Wei Wucai spoke, he lowered his head again and continued to point at his face.

“Do you still want to hit me”

Wei Wucai did not feel there was anything bad at all about being hit twice.

He even leaned closer to her at this moment.

However, it was actually to let Yan Zhiqing have a better look at the wounds on his face.

Yan Zhiqing almost blurted out, “I think you just want my heart to ache!”

Fortunately, just as the words reached her lips, she swallowed them back down.

“Does it hurt” Yan Zhiqing asked with slightly narrowed eyes.

Wei Wucai touched his face.

He had unexpectedly good accuracy and touched the red parts of his face.

The many small red dots on his face were particularly obvious.

Wei Wucai put on a pitiful appearance while touching the wounds on his face.

Looking like a mistreated young wife, he shook his head and said, “No.”

Yan Zhiqing was almost driven into a maddening rage by Wei Wucais current appearance.

With a twitching lip, she said, “If it doesnt hurt, why are you showing me such an aggrieved appearance”

“I dont feel wronged,” Wei Wucai said hurriedly.

“Why dont you hit me again”

“…” Yan Zhiqing thought that this man had gotten addicted to making a pitiful face.

“Hurry up and leave.

What will people think if they see us like this!”

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