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The Mount Lan Compound even knew their level.

Yu Mingxin and Wu Sheng listened from the side and were very curious.

“So… do they know where we are placed in the ranking” Wu Sheng asked from the side.

Yu Mingxins eyes lit up as well.

The two then stared at Hou Wu, looking very excited.

Hou Wu then asked what the two wanted to ask.

The team member of the Mount Lan Compound, who was in charge of contacting outsiders, chuckled and said, “We charge a fee for that as well.

We collect the information and organize the ranking.

This is a lot of work.

“However, because we may be working with you on other things, we can give you a discount on the information.” The person on the line seemed to be doing some calculations before he said, “Ten thousand per person.

This is the lowest price.”

Hou Wu then told Wu Sheng and Yu Mingxin about it.

Hou Wu definitely wouldnt be the one to pay this.

The member of the Mount Lan Compound seemed to have detected their hesitation and said, “All the IT technicians in the entire world are in this ranking.

To be able to do this, it took us a lot of time, experience, people, and resources.

“After all, you should know how difficult it is to assess everyone and collect information on their past achievements and awards when there is such a huge range.

If it were that easy, they could just make a ranking for themselves.

Why would they need us”

“What do you think” Hou Wu asked Wu Sheng and Yu Mingxin.

“Never mind,” Yu Mingxin said.

Ten thousand was not a small amount to him.

Wu Sheng shook his head as well.

“Let it go.

I was just curious.

Its fine if I dont know.”

Hou Wu nodded.

He then heard the person on the line said, “Based on what you said, I think I know the persons level.

For someone at that level, you can only ask our team leader for help.

“Our team leader will pay you a visit to solve this for you.

You wont have to pay a cent if its not solved.

We will determine the pricing based on the difficulty of the task.”

“Can you give me an estimate so I can be mentally prepared” Hou Wu asked.

What if it was too expensive

The person then said, “If its our team leader, theres a base price of five hundred thousand.

This five hundred thousand is his appearance fee, and we charge you more on top of that depending on the difficulty of the task.

You can think about it and see if you are willing to pay.

“We arent sure of the exact price.

What if the task is really difficult and solving it takes a long time We cant set the price now just in case we undercharge you, right

He couldnt help but gasp.

He had blackmailed many celebrities and gotten a lot of money.

There were some that he didnt even need to contact.

Some celebrities would have already known that he had taken pictures and would take the initiative to contact him first to solve this.

Therefore, five hundred thousand was nothing to Hou Wu.

Most importantly, five hundred thousand was just the base price.

He didnt even know how much more money it would cost if the issue was solved.

“This… What if the price ends up being sky-high” Hou Wu asked.

“Heh! You can go ask around.

Although the price at the Mount Lan Compound is high, we are trustworthy.

If the Mount Lan Compound were to lie to their customers or ask for a sky-high price, who would hire us The Mount Lan Compound runs a fair business.

If you dont trust us, then seek out someone else.”

“Wait!” Hou Wu asked, “Then… could the price be crazily high, such as a few dozen million”

“No.” The person on the phone laughed and said, “We wont ask a lot of money for a small issue like yours.”

“If you cant fix it, then five hundred thousand—”

“We wont ask you to pay the five hundred thousand.

Just consider this a free visit from our team leader,” the person said.

The member of the Mount Lan Compound sounded very confident.

When Hou Wu heard this, he felt like if the Mount Lan Compound were to do this for him, this issue would pretty much be settled.

Hou Wu gnashed his teeth and said, “Sure!”

After all, he had so much information contained in these computers.

“However, you have to be quick.

I am in a rush,” Hou Wu said.

“How soon can this be solved”

He recalled Wu Sheng saying that this could be solved remotely.

The member of the Mount Lan Compound would not need to specifically pay a visit.

The time spent on the road would be worrisome too.

“We will still send someone over to check it out so that we can communicate if any issues pop up,” the person said.

“Dont worry.

We will be there in the afternoon.”

A plane ride from T City to B City would take only one and a half hours.

It was very fast.

“Of course, you will need to prepare the money.

We want the payment right after the issue is solved today,” the person said.

Hou Wu thought to himself about how the Mount Lan Compound was so worried about money when they themselves were extremely wealthy.

They reeked of obscene greed for money.

“Alright.” Hou Wu nodded.

He hung up the call.

Wu Sheng knew that the Mount Lan Compound would be sending someone over today.

Immediately, he didnt feel like going back to work.

He said to Hou Wu, “Erm… Can I also stay here and watch I want to see how they solve the issue.”

Wu Sheng then gave the company a call back, requesting to take the afternoon off.

Wei Wucai had sent a copy of the files he had gotten from Hou Wu to Yan Zhiqing and Fang Qiaohan, as well as to Mou Danqiong.

Mou Danqiong even rushed to the hotel from the office.

Therefore, at this moment, all four of them had a laptop in front of them.

“Dont stare at the laptop for too long.

You rarely get the chance to rest,” Wei Wucai said to Yan Zhiqing.

“I have been sleeping for so long.

I am no longer tired.” Yan Zhiqing rubbed her hands and stared at the laptop screen.

“In addition, I am curious as to what is in these files.”

She had no intention of using these to blackmail people, but she couldnt help being curious.

This would help her get to know the others in the industry and save herself from any lies.

Wei Wucai stared at her with a helpless expression and eventually stopped insisting.

Fang Qiaohan and Mou Danqiong exchanged glances.

They did that because Wei Wucai looked at Yan Zhiqing with such a pampering and gentle expression.

It was as though Wei Wucai would agree and help her with whatever Yan Zhiqing wanted to do.

“Shall we start, then” Mou Danqiong asked.

“Lets start.” Wei Wucai nodded.

There were so many files transferred.

And so, the four divided up the work and each person checked a portion of the files.

And then, they would just talk about it.

Mou Danqiong had seen a lot more things, not to mention Wei Wucai.

And so, no matter what the two saw, they remained very calm with unchanging facial expressions.

In comparison, Yan Zhiqing and Fang Qiaohan behaved like they had never been out in public before.

They were so not calm.

“Oh my god! I cant believe hes someone like that!” Yan Zhiqing said.

“Who Who Who” Fang Qiaohan took her laptop and rushed to Yan Zhiqings side.


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