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All the grandmas with single grandkids had to deal with such provocation.

After all, they werent like Old Mrs.

Yan, whose grandkids had all gotten out of that single life.

Although in the other families, there were some who had gotten out of that single life.

There were still stubborn ones left.

And those stubborn ones were sources of extreme worry.

Old Mrs.

Yan felt gloomy as she hung up the phone.

Immediately, she saw Han Zhuofeng, who was just about to give her a hug and act like a kid.

Han Zhuofeng was just about to pounce toward her when he suddenly stopped moving as he sensed Old Mrs.

Han staring at him.

“Grandma, what..

whats wrong” Han Zhuofeng asked with an innocent tone.

“Old Mrs.

Yan and Old Mrs.

Wei just called me earlier,” Old Mrs.

Han said in a gloomy tone.

Han Zhuofeng immediately had an ominous feeling.

“Aiya, grandma.

I have just gotten back from being on set.

Im still tired, so I have to go back and sleep,” Han Zhuofeng immediately made his way out.

Yan Zhiqing, being the female lead, had a lot of scenes to film, so she always ended up staying really late.

Two days after Yan Zhiqing was done filming her scenes, they finished filming the entire movie.

Han Zhuofeng had just returned today.

As the youngest grandchild of the Han Family, he should be the most precious grandchild of the Han Grandparents.

His grandparents must have missed him so much.

Therefore, he went to see Lin Liye in the afternoon and came back to the family home with Lin Liye for dinner.

But then, he had just returned from using the bathroom…

But the entire world had already changed when he came back.

When he was eating dinner, Old Mrs.

Han was even saying that he had lost weight and asked him to eat more.

When they were done with dinner, Old Mrs.

Han was fumbling around for health products for him to take home.

Suddenly, Old Mrs.

Yan looked at him with contempt!

So Old Mrs.

Wei and Old Mrs.

Yan were the ones to blame for this!

“When I saw the news, I wanted to say this: why are you so incapable Zhiqing is such a go-girl.

You two are close in age and are both very energetic.

You should have been able to strike up a better conversation with her.

How did you manage to let Zhiqing slip away and be taken away by some older cabbage dude”

The corner of Han Zhuofengs mouth twitched.

What should he do He really couldnt endure anymore.

He really wanted to tell Wei Wucai that his grandma thought he was an old cabbage dude!

“Xiao Cai is good-looking, but he is not as young as you!” Old Mrs.

Han said.

“…” Han Zhuofeng responded in a dull tone, “Grandma, I dont look bad.”

“We have to admit that you are not as good-looking as Xiao Cai,” Old Mrs.

Han said, “You should have won because youre young.

Both of you have advantages.

You are young while he is good-looking.”

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


This was truly his own grandma!

Since Yan Zhiqing wasnt his girlfriend, Han Zhuofeng didnt hesitate to blame Yan Zhiqing first.

“Grandma, you also think that Elder Brother Xiao Cai is more handsome than me.” Han Zhuofeng was quite confident in his own appearance.

After all, the Han Family had excellent genes.

One would know by just looking at Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli.

Han Zhuofeng was good-looking, but Wei Wucai was very good-looking.

What exactly did Dong Muping eat to make Wei Wucai look like an angel on earth

“Zhiqing chose Wei Wucai, which means that she is someone who prefers good looks.

She is a superficial person!” Han Zhuofeng said.

Old Mrs.

Han felt speechless.

“Im good-looking as well.

But Im better inside.

I have very good inner qualities that she cannot see.

She only knows to look at appearances.

Its her loss!” Han Zhuofeng said.

Old Mrs.

Han sneered and said, “Why dont you find someone who can see your inner beauty then”

“This… Well, the fated one hasnt arrived yet.”

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