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Chapter 3367: Can This Be Done So CasuallyTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“Come on.

Follow me inside,” Xie Jiling said.

He Qingyang and Yang Lin followed Xie Jiling and stepped into the villa.

When they stepped into the house, they instantly understood why Xie Jiling had said that they would know they werent being lied to when they arrived inside the house.

This was because the inside of this villa felt extremely gloomy and creepy even during the afternoon when the sun was shining bright.

Even the beams of sunlight could not eliminate the eeriness.

But now, it was nighttime, and the moonlight was very dim.

Nevertheless, they felt at ease when they entered the villa.

They could sense that the eeriness was being reduced at an obvious rate.

The stress they felt was decreasing.

Obviously, the vengeful spirit had been banished.

It was no longer causing the eeriness in this villa.

And so, they no longer felt stressed.

“Is this good enough Will we be okay from now on” Yang Lin asked.

“You will be fine,” Xie Jiling said, “Now that the vengeful ghost has been eliminated, the eeriness will dissipate within at most a week.

Dont worry.”

“Is there any way to dissipate this eeriness faster” Yang Lin asked.

“Yes,” Xie Jiling took out a talisman and said, “This is a cleansing talisman.

You can place this in the center of this villa, and the eeriness will disappear within a night.

When you wake up the next morning, not only will the eeriness in the house be gone, but the foulness in your bodies will be cleansed as well.”

“Not only will you feel relaxation you have never felt before, but your stress and fear will all be gone,” Xie Jiling said, “Of course, the effect of this talisman is not long-lasting.

When its done cleansing all those things, it becomes useless.”

“This means that this is a disposable item.

After your current stress and negative emotions disappear, you will pursue more things, which will generate more stress and negative emotions,” Xie Jiling said.

“I have promised you all that I would help cleanse the eeriness in your house.” Xie Jiling handed the talisman to Yang Lin.

“Therefore, consider this talisman a post-sale gift from me to you.”

Yang Lin took the talisman and immediately felt relaxed.

Her entire body felt light.

She had never felt this comfortable.

She had no more stress; she felt positive and optimistic.

She felt hopeful about the future.

“Qingyang, try it.

Its amazing.” Yang Lin took He Qingyangs hand and made him hold onto the talisman with her.

As expected, He Qingyang felt it as well.

“This… This…” He Qingyang felt incredible.

He immediately said to Xie Jiling, “Do you have any more of these talismans”

“I do, but that will not be considered a post-sale freebie,” Xie Jiling said.

“I will buy it!” He Qingyang immediately said, behaving like a typical wealthy person.

Xie Jiling smiled and said, “Since you are my client and this will be my second time doing business with you, I will give you a discount.”

Hearing this, He Qingyang felt so much joy.

He thought that Xie Jiling at least was not heartless.

Xie Jiling then said, “The cleansing talisman cost six hundred thousand.

I will give you a 10% discount and round up the numbers.

I will just charge you five hundred thousand.”

He Qingyang was speechless.

He changed his mind.

This little girl was truly capable, but she was also truly heartless.

Luo Dingzhen didnt know what to say as well.

When Xie Jiling sold him the amulet for protection, she said the same thing.

It cost six hundred thousand.

She gave him a discount and sold it to him for five hundred thousand.

In Xie Jilings eyes, he was the same as He Qingyang.

Luo Dingzhen felt really sad about this.

“How many do you have now I will buy all of them,” He Qingyang said, acting like a very wealthy person.

“There arent many.

There are only ten left.” She gifted a lot to her classmates.

Especially the classmates dealing with academic stress.

Some of them had to get their certificates so that they would become a stronger candidate when they eventually had to go on a job hunt.

Some were already preparing to do their masters.

Some had to take some language tests needed for overseas education.

The University of B City, an elite school, was a place where academically talented students gathered.

Even if they had made it to college, they still wouldnt relax.

They still felt a lot of academic stress.

And so, Xie Jiling would gift these students some cleansing talismans.

Of course, only students in her class would receive such treatment.

The other students, who heard about it, had to spend money to get this talisman.

However, she didnt charge them five hundred thousand.

She marked the price clearly and stated that each would cost 3000.

After all, it was exhausting to make these talismans.

He Qingyangs face twitched when he heard this.

Ten of these talismans would cost a total of five million.

But then, he heard Xie Jiling say, “If you dont think thats enough, I can draw some for you now.

I can draw as many as you want.”

He Qingyang didnt know what to say.

Why did it sound like she was selling cabbage

It sounded really simple.

She asked for a price of five hundred thousand.

He Qingyang felt as though he had been ripped off.

However, did it even matter if he knew

“Do you think its too expensive” Xie Jiling asked.

He Qingyang didnt answer.

“If you think its too expensive, then dont buy it.” Xie Jiling said, “I dont mind anyway.”

He Qingyang was speechless.

“I want four.” He Qingyang gnashed his teeth and said.

Initially, he wanted to be that wealthy person and buy all the cleansing talismans Xie Jiling owned.

Who knew it would be this expensive! In the end, he couldnt purchase all of them.

He could only ask for four.

He Qingyang was ashamed of himself.

He paid Xie Jiling five million to bust some ghosts.

And then, he spent two million on the talismans.

Even if he was wealthy, it was still painful.

However, Xie Jiling didnt mock him at all.

She took out four talismans from her bag.

Then, she asked He Qingyang to quickly pay her for the ghostbusting and cleansing talismans.

He Qingyang paid, and Xie Jiling gave him the cleansing talismans.

She then said, “Trust me.

You will be needing them.”

He Qingyang didnt understand what Xie Jiling meant.

Xie Jiling didnt explain.

She immediately left.

“Master Xie! Master Xie!” Luo Dingzhen shouted as he chased after Xie Jiling.

Luo Dingzhen was quite the character.

Xie Jiling was very young.

She just turned 19 this year.

She hasnt even had her 19-year-old birthday.

Luo Dingzhen was a forty years old man.

He was old enough to be Xie Jilings dad.

Yet, Luo Dingzhen was still able to call her “Master Xie” repeatedly.

He didnt even feel any stress about it.

He called her that without stammering or feeling awkward.

Thankfully, Xie Jiling didnt move fast.

Therefore, Luo Dingzhen caught up to Xie Jiling within a few steps.

“Master Xie, where are you going” Luo Dingzhen asked when he caught up.

“Going back to school.

I need to look up the things the two soul reapers wanted online, print it, and burn it for them.” Xie Jiling said.

She still remembered.

“Pri… print” Luo Dingzhens eyes widened.

Can that be done so casually

When people burned offerings for the dead, wouldnt they specially visit the store that makes those beautiful items

In addition, if those items looked more luxurious, beautiful, and real, they would turn out even better when offered to the dead.

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