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Chapter 3372: Too SimpleTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The Lord of Death did not like seeing the members of the Xie Family!

“Pay attention to the new vengeful ghosts in the underworld.

Ask them about it,” Xie Jiling said.

“Alright.” The two soul reapers agreed in a serious tone.

The two then locked up the vengeful spirit.

Before they left, they smiled at Xie Jiling.

“Lady Xie, we bumped into the two soul reapers that met you previously.

They said you are burning food and drink offerings for them” one of the soul reapers asked.

Xie Jiling thought to herself.

She wasnt at fault for choosing to print.

If anyone asked her for it, it would be really costly to buy it from the store.

If Luo Dingzhen found out about this, he would have said that the money she would have spent in the store would just be a small portion of the amount of money she earned since she earned so much money.

“What do you want to eat or drink” asked Xie Jiling.

“We want to eat barbeque.

Just give us all kinds of skewers.

A little bit of everything.

If not, I am worried you might not remember if we order too much,” the soul reaper said.

Xie Jiling was speechless.


“Sure.” Xie Jiling nodded.

“Give us some beer,” the soul reaper said.

The other soul reaper said, “There must be garlic vermicelli scallops, garlic oysters, and garlic minced meat eggplant!”

“Alright.” Xie Jiling nodded.

And so, the two soul reapers took the vengeful spirit and left with satisfaction.

The group of classmates behind Xie Jiling didnt know what to say.

They felt as though they had witnessed a whole new world.

Not only had they seen a vengeful ghost, they even saw the officials of the underworld.

If they stayed with Xie Jiling for a very long time, would they see the legendary Lord of Death

In addition, they didnt expect such interaction between Xie Jiling and the employees of the underworld.

It seems like Xie Jiling had a good relationship with the officials of the underworld!

She could even ask the employees of the underworld to pass on a message to the Lord of Death.

They started wondering if it would be useful to use Xie Jilings name if they ever joined the underworld in the future.

“Are you guys scared” Xie Jiling asked.

Ren Linna said, “We created such a big commotion.

What if someone saw us”

“Thats fine.

When the vengeful ghost appeared, I had set up a spell formation.

No one knows what has happened here,” Xie Jiling said.

He Yuliang rubbed his hands and asked, “Jiling, is it too late to ask you to be my teacher”

Xie Jiling immediately rejected it.

“The knowledge of the Xie Family cannot be taught to outsiders.”

Chen Xing approached and asked, “Jiling, when we leave for the underworld, will using your name do us any good”

Everyone: “…”

What an interesting thought.

Chen Xing even started explaining, “Dont make a big deal out of this.

If we cant enjoy the privilege of using the name of someone powerful while we are alive, we should at least get that chance when we are in the underworld, right”

When everyone heard that, they thought it was reasonable.

They all turned and stared at Xie Jiling.

Xie Jiling was at a loss for words.

“Isnt it a little too early to think about this” Xie Jiling asked.

“Im just asking in advance,” Chen Xing responded.

Xie Jiling pondered seriously for a moment and said, “I think it will be effective.

It will be even more effective if I went with you guys.”

Everyone: “…”

Why did that sentence seem creepy

Was everyone thinking about life in the underworld


Lets disperse.

We will get a good rest and it will be fine.” Xie Jiling said.

A few people, who had also gone for an adventure during the holiday, were worried as well.

After all, He Yuliang had attracted a vengeful ghost.

This was not as simple as a scary prank.

And so, they all started asking Xie Jiling.

“Jiling, can you check if anything dirty followed us”

“Dont worry.

The places that you went to had nothing.

Its just a fake story to attract sightseers.” Xie Jiling said.

The few of them let out a sigh of relief.

He Yuliang felt really sad as he realized that he was the unlucky one.


Go back and get some rest.

I have to go print some food and drinks,” Xie Jiling said.

Everyone: “…”

It was quite unique to be printing offerings.

They would be with their families during the Qingming Festival and during the Spring Festival when their ancestors would receive their offerings.

They naturally knew what offerings had to be burnt.

But when they heard that Xie Jiling was printing, they thought it was really weird.

Was it okay to print and burn your offerings

Chen Xing said, “What do you want to print We can help you.

Otherwise, it will be really slow for you to do it by yourself.

They had heard the two soul reapers ask for a little bit of every kind.

That would be a lot.

“When you are done printing, we can go with you to see how you burnt them,” He Yuliang said.

Xie Jiling really admired He Yuliangs stress tolerance.

“Are you sure you want to burn offerings with me when this just happened to you Arent you scared” Xie Jiling couldnt help but ask.

He Yuliang responded in a carefree manner, “With you here, what is there to be scared of!”

“Yes!” Everyone chimed in.

“Alright then.” Xie Jiling truly admired the amount of energy these people had.

They were actually so energetic.

“Lets go to the library.

That would be more convenient.

Otherwise, there would be a group of people crowded in a dorm room, which would make the room very cramped.”

The good thing about this school was that the library was open around the clock.

And they had digitalized every service to ensure that no guards were needed at night.

And so, the group went to the library.

Xie Jiling gave each of them a task.

She made them search for photos of a few kinds of food.

The way to print the barbeque skewers was really simple.

They just had to find a barbeque restaurant on a delivery app and print out every photo in that restaurant.

And so, the group worked separately on different things.

Within half an hour, they finished all their tasks.

Xie Jiling couldnt help but comment that many hands really did make work light.

To thank the classmates for their help, Xie Jiling gave each of them an amulet and a cleansing talisman.

If Luo Dingzhen and He Qingyang found out that the talisman that they had spent five hundred thousand to purchase was given out for free by Xie Jiling, how would they feel

Xie Jiling organized all the papers they printed and headed outside the school with the group of people.

“Where are we burning the offerings” Ren Linna asked.

“We are just going to find a hidden corner.

You will get caught if you light a fire in the school,” Xie Jiling said.

“Dont you need a special location” Chen Xing asked.

Xie Jiling had no idea what Chen Xing was imagining as she answered, “Dont think of this as something so mysterious.

Actually, the people in our line of work do things in a very simple manner.”

“If you see anyone doing this in a very showy manner, they would either be a scammer or a liar.

Their targets are privileged people who are unfamiliar with this line of work,” Xie Jiling said.

“You could do that.

However, why would you go through all that trouble if a simple method works, too” Xie Jiling said.

Chen Xing thought to himself.

‘But maam, you are doing things a little too simple here.

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