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Chapter 3414: Just Like ThatTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

She was in so much pain that she was constantly frowning.

She couldnt control her expression.

“Fengqing, how are you today Are you okay” The assistant waiting in the lobby asked when she saw her.

Xiao Fengqing shook her head and said, “Ask Han Zhuofeng for a day off.

I will go to the hospital.

My wound is weird.

I dont know why its not healing.”

The assistant didnt know about the fox spirit.

Xiao Fengqing obviously couldnt tell her how she got hurt.

She knew that her injury was strange.

Han Zhuofeng had just touched her.

Even if he pushed her, he didnt use a lot of strength.

It wouldnt necessarily leave a burn wound on her shoulder.

Han Zhuofengs hand was not an iron stone scorched in flames.

Xiao Fengqing thought about the fox spirit in her body and wondered if Han Zhuofeng had something that could resist the fox spirit.

If not, how did she get such a deep wound

The fox spirit seemed to have been hurt, which was why it stopped controlling her.

It hadnt even been talking at all.

However, the fox spirit was still here.

She could feel it.

However, she couldnt tell her assistant these things.

She decided to go check her wound at a hospital.

If the hospital couldnt help her, she would have to ask a master to check her wound.

“Lets go to the hospital first.” Xiao Fengqing said.

She followed the assistant and went to the parking lot.

But then, she bumped into Han Zhuofeng and the others in the parking lot.

She knew everyone else but Xie Jiling.

Xie Jiling looked really young, so Xiao Fengqing didnt think she was anyone of importance.

All Xiao Fengqing did was cast a glance at Xie Jiling.

Considering her abnormal behavior last night and Han Zhuofengs screams, she thought that she might have been suspected by Han Zhuofeng.

Xiao Fengqing was going to delay things further with the visitation to the hospital.

But now, she couldnt do that anymore.

She just wanted to pretend as though she knew nothing and see if she could fake it until the very end.

As for the people that were with Han Zhuofeng…

She was familiar with Han Zhuoling, Shi Xiaoya, Wei Wucai, and Yan Zhiqing.

All four of them had been on the news before.

As a member of the entertainment industry, she obviously knew about them.

Xie Jiling was the only unfamiliar one.

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However, if Xiao Fengqing had been older, Xiao Fengqing would have suspected that she was a master.

But she just looked like a little girl who was barely over the age of 20.

How would it be possible for her to be a great master

Therefore, Xiao Fengqing used her acting skill.

She looked really weak as she said, “Director Han, I dont feel well.

I want to go to the hospital.

Is it okay for me to ask for a day off I know I have scenes to film today, but I really cant endure anymore.”

She was wounded anyway.

The feebleness was not a pretense.

Han Zhuofeng wanted to check if Xiao Fengqing was saying the truth.

He also wanted to see if she had really been possessed by a fox spirit and if the fox spirit had already left her…

The fox spirit leaving her body could have been the reason why she was weak, or it could also be…

If it was the former, then Xiao Fengqing never had the intention to seduce him last night.

Xiao Fengqing might not even know about this.

And now, Xiao Fengqing showed no change of expression when she saw him.

But then, Xie Jiling slapped a talisman onto Xiao Fengqings body.

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


Just like that

She didnt need to get some answers

She didnt need to confirm the situation

All it took was just a slap of the paper talisman

Han Zhuofeng was still confused when he suddenly heard Xiao Fengqing screaming in pain.

Initially, it was just Xiao Fengqing screaming.

But two seconds later, the scream sounded sharp and ear-piercing.

Her voice no longer sounded like a human or an animal.

“Thats the voice!” Han Zhuofeng immediately said, “She made the exact same sound when I pushed her away last night.”

While saying this, Han Zhuofeng took out the protection talisman hanging around his neck from under his shirt and held it in his hand.

This made him feel more secure.

Han Zhuoling was speechless.


Shi Xiaoya was at a loss for words.


Wei Wucai didnt know what to say speechless.

Yan Zhiqing was dumbfounded.

It was already on your body.

There was no need to hold it.

Han Zhuofeng even stretched the protection talisman out like he was holding a shield.

Everyone: “…”


Ignore their dumb little brother.

“Are you going to get out or not!” Xie Jiling shouted.

Han Zhuofeng saw a silhouette flashing on Xiao Fengqings body, occasionally drifting away from Xiao Fengqings body.

Xiao Fengqing suddenly started trembling.

The face of a fox appeared on Xiao Fengqings face.

But soon, the fox face disappeared.

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A second later, the fox face appeared again.

This repeated and changed continually.

Xiao Fengqing stretched out her index finger and middle finger, forming a sword-finger gesture.

She then pressed the center of Xiao Fengqings forehead.

The sound was so pathetic.

Cries of an animal were coming from Xiao Fengqings mouth.

Xiao Fengqing looked as if she was in extreme pain.

Her eyes were wide, and her mouth was agape.

Her legs weakened as she fell to the ground.

Her assistant was so scared that she had already run over to Han Zhuofengs side.


what happened to Xiao Fengqing!

Xiao Fengqing pressed on the center of Xiao Fengqings forehead and gradually pulled outward.

Han Zhuofeng thought he had seen wrong.

But for some reason, he felt as though he saw Xie Jiling dragging a fox out.

Then, Xie Jiling stopped forming the sword fingers.

She was pinching something.

She seemed to have grabbed a fox out!

Han Zhuoli was shocked!

Xiao Fengqing lay on the ground as if her soul had left her.

Her entire face was pale.

Xie Jiling was holding the neck of a fox.

The fox was constantly crying and kicking its legs.

It narrowed its eyes.

Evil beams of light were shooting out of its eyes.

“You have been cultivating for a hundred years, which was quite difficult to do.

Instead of living a well-behaved life, you came out and harmed someone.

Do you really think no one can do anything to you” Xie Jiling said coldly.

The fox suddenly stopped moving and just glared at Xie Jiling.

“How dare you attempt such tricks on me!” Xie Jiling scolded.

The fox actually had the audacity to use the Power of the Curse on her.

Xie Jiling smacked the fox on the bed.

She pulled again and forcefully dragged the foxs spirit out of its body.

Han Zhuofeng watched this with his eyes widened and mouth agape.

He had learned so much today!

Without the support of its spirit, the foxs body could be considered dead.

It lay dead on the floor.

It landed beside Xiao Fengqing.

“Ah!” Xiao Fengqing screamed.

At this moment, she had no energy.

She panicked as she tried to crawl away from the dead fox.

The malicious fox spirit finally started panicking when its soul was clenched in Xie Jilings hand.

The fox spirit started wagging its tail and begging for mercy.

It was begging with its eyes.

Xie Jiling didnt care if it was begging or yielding.

Foxes had always been cunning.

It yielded because it knew that it was no match for Xie Jiling.

Otherwise, it would have already killed Xie Jiling.

Xie Jiling obviously wouldnt be fooled by the fox spirit.

The bead bracelet on her wrist glowed faintly.

Han Zhuofeng wondered if he was having an illusion.

For some reason, he felt like that bead bracelet was sucking something from the fox spirit.

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