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Chapter 3435: When Did Han Zhuofeng Become So BoldTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Xie Jiling lifted her bag and slung her bag over her shoulder.

Then, she walked to the door and said, “Alright.

Lets go.”

Xie Jiling walked out and closed the door.

She then went to the hotel lobby with Han Zhuofeng.

Some of the production crew members staying at the neighboring apartment homestay came by and went to the filming location with them.

If Han Zhuofeng found anything unsuitable, the production crew members could change it as soon as possible.

He Yuliang and the others werent in a rush to go sightseeing.

They went to the villa to ask Yan Zhiqing if they could take a picture with her.

Han Zhuofeng and the others came to the scenic area by car.

They had negotiated with the local authorities and isolated a small area for the shooting.

However, to protect the landscape, they werent allowed to trample around.

However, there were wooden boardwalks built at the side.

They would need to rely on special effects to create scenes of them walking on the ground.

The camera crew member chose some camera angles and tried their best to create what Han Zhuofeng wanted.

A vast and barren alien world.

“Good, this is the feeling I want.” Han Zhuofeng nodded.

After saying that, Han Zhuofeng asked Xie Jiling, “Take a look.

Are there any problems”

Xie Jiling then took out a compass from her bag.

The corners of the peoples eyes twitched.

Would Director bring a master with him wherever he went

Initially, they thought that Xie Jiling was Han Zhuofengs young girlfriend.

Previously, when they were at the filming location in B City, Han Zhuofeng took Xie Jiling around and showed her every corner.

At that time, they guessed that Xie Jiling might be Han Zhuofengs girlfriend.

And today, they saw Xie Jiling and her classmates joining this trip.

The production crew members felt even more certain of their conjectures.

They guessed that Xie Jiling was using this holiday to travel with Han Zhuofeng.

This couple must be deeply in love now.

If not, why couldnt they wait for a few days Why would they come here together

It was all because she could keep Han Zhuofeng company while he was working.

When they were on the way here, the staff members chatted with Xie Jilings classmates and found out that Xie Jiling was only a first-year student in college.

Upon knowing this, the staff members first thought was that their director was a pervert!

People in their first year of college had just graduated high school.

Director Han managed to wrap Xie Jiling around his finger when she had just reached legal age.

Wasnt he clearly targeting this little girl because she was inexperienced

If this wasnt what a pervert was like, what would they be like!

But then, Xie Jiling took out a compass from her bag.

She had such a piece of professional equipment.

She even kept it with her at all times.

Director Hans girlfriend was so special.

“Theres nothing wrong here,” Xie Jiling said.

After she said that, the needle in the center of the compass shook for a second.

“Eh” Xie Jiling uttered subconsciously.

Han Zhuofeng immediately asked, “Why Whats wrong”

Xie Jiling checked the compass again and saw that the compass was no longer reacting.

However, the compass needle was pointing right at where Ghost Town was located.

Xie Jiling just didnt know if it was actually pointing at Ghost Town.

“Its nothing,” Xie Jiling said, “The compass reacts based on the electromagnetic field.

It will move if it detects an abnormality in the electromagnetic field.”

“The compass moved…” Before Xie Jiling finished her sentence, she saw the lanky dude Han Zhuofeng moving closer to her.

He stood beside her.

His arm was touching her arm.

It was almost as though he was trying really hard to control himself not to hug her.

The corner of Xie Jilings mouth twitched.

“Dont worry.

It is not here,” Xie Jiling said.

However, Han Zhuofeng still didnt relax at all.

He whispered inquisitively, “Is it nearby Is it in Ta Town”

Han Zhuofeng suddenly felt that it was unsafe to stay in Ta Town.

Xie Jiling felt speechless.

“There are many reasons why there are abnormalities in an electromagnetic field.

The presence of a vengeful ghost would disrupt the electromagnetic field.

But this is just one of the reasons…” Xie Jiling explained, “The disruption could also be caused by an underground ore, which can mess up the electromagnetic field.”

“Especially considering the peculiar landform, theres a high chance that its the second reason,” Xie Jiling said.

Han Zhuofeng then let out a sigh of relief.

However, Xie Jiling was still thinking about it.

She said that not entirely because she wanted to comfort Han Zhuofeng.

However, a big part of the reason she gave that explanation was to comfort him.

There was the possibility of the cause being the second reason.

However, it didnt mean that it was not caused by the first reason.

Considering what the owner of the homestay had said, Xie Jiling really wanted to visit Ghost Town.

However, the compass didnt show a huge reaction.

It trembled for a second and went back to normal.

And so, Xie Jiling wasnt certain.

The second reason being the cause was highly likely.

Otherwise, it had to be a very high-level vengeful ghost able to hide its presence from the compass.

When the compass detected it, it immediately hid its own electromagnetic field.

Vengeful ghosts that could do that werent ordinary at all.

Therefore, Xie Jiling hoped that it was the second reason.

No matter what, Xie Jiling had already decided to visit Ghost Town.

“Theres nothing wrong here.

Lets go to Ghost Town,” Han Zhuofeng said.

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Xie Jiling was shocked.

When did Han Zhuofeng become so bold He even suggested going to ghost Town.

It was fine to go there during the day.

However, Han Zhuofeng didnt seem like the kind of person who would dare to go there, even during the day.

The disbelief in Xie Jilings expression was too obvious.

Han Zhuofeng choked and said, “Because we have plans to film in Ghost Town, we have to go check it out.”

Han Zhuofeng felt chills on the back of his neck.

He lifted his hand and rubbed the back of his neck before saying, “We will just have to leave before five.

This is good for us as well.

It will give us more time to rest.”


Alright.” Xie Jiling naturally didnt care at all.

Afterward, they went to Ghost Town by car.

Since Ghost Town was a famous haunted spot, there were even more tourists there than at Danxia Scenic Area.

The huge sign that said Ghost Town could be seen from afar as they drove.

They parked the car at the tourist parking lot, and everyone got out of the car and stepped into the entrance.

The huge gate was built later on.

After they entered the gate, they would cross a bridge.

At the beginning of the bridge stood an old woman who looked numb to life.

Obviously, this was Meng Po, the goddess of forgetfulness.

“Is this… Naihe Bridge`” Han Zhuofeng thought that these things were really unlucky!

However, to people who loved thrills, this design attracted a lot of attraction.

There were groups of tourists taking pictures at the beginning of the bridge.

Although this was Naihe Bridge, this was really just a small arched bridge that you could cross with just a few steps.

After crossing the bridge, there were different types of statues on both sides of the road.

There were statues of people pulling peoples tongues and statues of people cutting peoples fingers.

There were statues of someone hanging from the iron tree and someone whose back was riddled with knives.

Without looking at every statue, Han Zhuofeng knew that these sculptures were made based on the eighteen levels of hell.

Starting from the first level, which would be the Hell of Tongue Ripping, the levels onward would be the Hell of Scissors, the Hell of Trees of Knives, the Hell of Mirrors of Retribution, the Hell of Steaming, the Hell of Copper Pillars, the Hell of the Mountain of Knives, the Hell of the Mountain of Ice, the Hell of Oil Cauldrons, the Hell of the Pit of Cattle, the Hell of Boulder Crushing, the Hell of Mortars and Pestles, the Hell of the Pool of Blood, the Hell of the Wrongful Dead, the Hell of Dismemberment, the Hell of the Mountain of Fire, the Hell of Mills, and the Hell of Sawing.

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