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“I dont dare to turn it off,” Han Zhuofeng said, “Im scared.”

“Are you scared of the dark” replied Xie Jiling.

She thought to herself.

If Han Zhuofeng was such a coward, how could he keep her company tomorrow

“Its not that Im scared of the dark.

This place is too close to that town.

If I turn off the lights, I will feel scared.” Han Zhuofeng quickly explained, “I am usually not scared of the dark.

I usually sleep with the lights off.”

Xie Jiling thought to herself.

Who cared if you slept with the lights on or off

She could tell that Han Zhuofeng didnt even dare to type the wordghost.

He had to be extremely scared.

“And its too quiet here,” Han Zhuofeng said, “If only there were sounds of people talking and drinking outside…”

As Han Zhuofeng continued chatting with Xie Jiling, he felt more relaxed and no longer felt paranoid.

Xie Jiling massaged the area between her eyebrows and suggested, “Why dont you turn on the TV You can watch some comedy or an episode of a variety show, so it sounds livelier.”

“No.” Han Zhuofeng immediately rejected this suggestion.

“What if I turned on the TV and the TV suddenly lost signal, then turned all white and fuzzy”

“What if the channel changed when I didnt press the remote” Han Zhuofeng shook his head as he replied, “I am too scared to turn on the TV.”

Xie Jiling was speechless.

“Listen to music then,” Xie Jiling said.

Han Zhuofeng refused and said, “No.

I cant listen to music.

What if the music turned out wrong as I continued listening to it”

Xie Jiling didnt know what to say.

What do you want to do then

Xie Jiling felt tired listening to his replies.

She yawned.

Her eyelids felt heavy.

“Actually, its fine.

Did you forget about your jade pendant and protection talisman” Xie Jiling said, “If there was actually something there, it wont be able to approach you.”


Right.” Han Zhuofeng suddenly recalled them.

These days, he had never taken off the jade pendant.

The protection talismans were the exception because they were not waterproof.

He would wear the pendant at all times.

He wouldnt take it off, even when he was showering.

He had almost forgotten about it after a long time.

And now, he held the jade pendant in his hand and felt really safe.

“However, even if it cant approach me, it would be in front of me if it appeared.

It wouldnt be able to come close to me, but its still scary to see it,” said Han Zhuofeng.

Xie Jiling was dumbfounded.

Why was the third son of the Han Family so annoying

What did he want

Soon, Xie Jiling knew what Han Zhuofeng wanted to do.

Han Zhuofeng held the jade pendant and held his pillow.

With the blanket wrapped around him, he mustered the courage to walk out of his room.

Even when he was walking in the hallway, Han Zhuofeng felt unsafe.

Even the hallway felt creepy.

Once again, he praised himself for cleverly arranging for Xie Jiling to stay next door.

Han Zhuofeng quickly rang Xie Jilings doorbell.

Xie Jiling had just fallen asleep.

She wasnt sound asleep, so she heard the doorbell sound.

For some reason, she had a feeling that the person outside the door was Han Zhuofeng.

Xie Jiling stood up, wore her slippers, and walked to the door.

She opened the door, and it was Han Zhuofeng, just as she had expected.

Han Zhuofeng looked like he was a fleeing refugee.

“Jiling, please take me in for one night,” Han Zhuofeng said.

Xie Jiling thought to herself.

Was Han Zhuofeng going to ask her to tag along whenever he was out filming

Han Zhuofeng had no idea that Shi Xiaoya and Yan Zhiqings rooms were very near.

They heard his voice.

At this moment, both of them simultaneously opened their doors slightly.

It was such a coincidence.

Their rooms were connected and were both diagonally across Xie Jiling and Han Zhuofengs rooms.

They could see them if they opened their doors slightly.

Both of them simultaneously waved at the men in their rooms to come to the door and watch the show together.

Han Zhuoling stepped behind Shi Xiaoya.

His chest stuck close to Shi Xiaoyas back, wrapping her in his arms.

Then, he looked out the door with her.

It was such a coincidence.

Wei Wucai did the same thing as he stuck close behind Yan Zhiqing.

The four were having a good time watching.

Han Zhuofeng had no idea those four were watching.

He had messaged Han Zhuoling and Wei Wucai, but both of them ignored him.

He thought they had fallen asleep.

He had no idea that the two saw his message but were simply too lazy to reply.

They were talking to their significant other.

Who would care about him

Yan Zhiqing and Shi Xiaoya both heard Han Zhuofengs voice outside their door.

They were surprised that Han Zhuofeng had the audacity to knock on Xie Jilings door.

Han Zhuofeng was even more capable than his older brother!

As such, they stopped chatting and watched the latest event in Han Zhuofengs life.

Han Zhuoling and Wei Wucai obviously kept them company.

Similarly, Xie Jiling didnt notice that there were people watching.

It was because Han Zhuofengs appearance really astonished her.

She had never expected that a guy with a pillow and blanket would one day appear at her doorstep.

Xie Jiling felt the corner of her mouth twitch.

“Hurry up and go back, or I will kick you!”

She had let him off the hook for holding her hand during the day.

What was this

He wanted to go into her room at night

Xie Jiling knew that Han Zhuofeng had no bad intentions.

However, she couldnt let him sleep in her room.

That was just really inappropriate!

Han Zhuofeng pouted and said, “I will bring my blanket and sleep on the floor.

I wont go on the bed.”

Xie Jiling felt the corner of her mouth twitch a couple of times.


Was he even thinking about sleeping on the bed

“Im serious,” Han Zhuofeng said hastily, “If Im on my own in the room, I cant sleep.”

Xie Jiling was speechless.

Shi Xiaoya looked back at Han Zhuoling and whispered, “Is he being for real”

“Hes serious,” Han Zhuoling said, “He messaged me on WeChat earlier.

I think he wanted to sleep with me.”

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.


Han Zhuofeng was begging so much that Xie Jiling didnt know what to do.

Han Zhuofeng refused to go back.

Xie Jiling couldnt do anything.

She could also tell that she couldnt kick him away.

If he continued bothering her and the others opened their door and saw Han Zhuofeng wrapped in a blanket and holding a pillow at her doorstep, how would she explain herself

Was Han Zhuofeng going into her room, or did Han Zhuofeng just get kicked out of her room

“You can sleep on the bed.” Xie Jiling gnashed her teeth and said, “I wont let you sleep on the floor because I think youll look pitiful sleeping on the floor.”


No.” Han Zhuofeng immediately nodded and said, “I will sleep on the floor.

But… you can sleep on the side of the bed near me so that I can see you when I look up, and I will then feel safe.”

Xie Jiling felt speechless.

Just how scared was he

Xie Jiling was too lazy to say anything.

She kept quiet and moved to the side, allowing Han Zhuofeng to walk inside.

The blanket was thick and big enough.

Han Zhuofengs blanket was big enough for him to lay half on the ground and half on himself.

Han Zhuofeng arranged the pillow and crawled under the blanket.

With Xie Jiling here, he felt safe as he lay down.

He no longer felt afraid.

Looking at how happy he was to sleep on the carpet instead of the big bed in his room, Xie Jiling didnt know what to say.

Xie Jiling really couldnt get used to the fact that there was a man in her room.

She had never allowed a man to sleep in her room before.

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