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Chapter 3450: Untitled

Xie Jiwen was speechless.

“How would I have known that he was such a coward” Xie Jiwen said helplessly.

Han Zhuofeng was a very tall person.

Therefore, it wasnt convenient for him to hug Xie Jiling.

If not, he would have clung with his entire body to Xie Jiling.

Han Zhuofeng discovered that Xie Jiwen had intentionally scared him.

His face turned red as he let go of Xie Jiling.

Of course, he still held Xie Jilings hand in the end.

He had never hidden the fact that he was a wimp in front of Xie Jiling.

But after showing such a reaction after being scared by someone, even Han Zhuofeng was embarrassed.

He felt ashamed of himself.

At this moment, he scratched his head and awkwardly kept silent.

He hoped Xie Jiling would forget what had happened just now.


He had been impulsive!

After walking for a while, they finally saw a faint light.

Xie Jiwen said, “We have arrived.”

The three walked over.

They saw five people sitting beside a strange rock.

One of them was Hu Kaiyin.

The other four students didnt expect Ghost Town to be this foggy at night.

And that the surroundings would become so terrifying.

As such, the four were horrified.

Even without the formation Xie Jiwen had set up, the four would still sit there obediently.

They wouldnt dare to go anywhere else.

However, with Xie Jiwens formation, the four wouldnt have to worry about being in danger.

The light from the brightness talisman that Xie Jiwen left for them as well as the light from Xie Jilings stick of brightness talismans couldnt shine far away, but the two combined allowed them to see each other clearly.

Initially, Hu Kaiyin didnt see Xie Jiling.

She saw Xie Jiwen with two people and thought that he had found more people who came here for an adventure.

When Xie Jiwen and the two came closer, Hu Kaiyin realized that the two were Xie Jiling and the third son of the Han Family.

“Jiling.” Hu Kaiyin was surprised and happy.

With Xie Jiling here, she could work with Xie Jiwen, and they would have a higher chance of winning.

“Sister Kaiyin.” Xie Jiling said happily.

Although Xie Jiwen had already told her that Hu Kaiyin was coming…

There was nothing happier than the actual meeting.

“By the way, Sister Kaiyin, why are you here with my brother” Xie Jiling asked.

She hadnt forgotten about it.

Initinitially, Xie Jiwen intentionally ignored her question.

However, did he really think she was stupid and wouldnt notice it

She knew Xie Jiwens personality too well.

If it were something he didnt want to answer or something that he felt embarrassed to answer…

He would change the topic or ignore it completely.

And so, just because Xie Jiling didnt continue asking did not mean that she had not noticed it.

So, she had been wanting to ask Hu Kaiyin.

She wouldnt be able to get any answers from Xie Jiwen anyway.

Xie Jiwen was speechless.

This little sister of his actually became smarter after being out of the house for a few years.

As expected, Hu Kaiyin rolled her eyes and said, “How would I know why He said he needed my help and demanded that I come.

After I helped him, he said that he wanted to come to Ghost Town to check things out.

He said that the rumor seems real and he wanted to verify it.”

“I thought it was weird.

Hes an exorcist, so he could check it out if he wants to do that.

I can only fight people.

I cant fight vengeful spirits.

Even if I came along, I wouldnt be of any use.

I wouldnt be able to help.”

“Besides that, I am a member of the Hidden Light Unit.

My services are priced at around eight to ten million.

However, he has been using me as free labor and has been ordering me around as if it were natural.

Is that even appropriate”

“How is it not appropriate Arent we family Arent we friends”

Hu Kaiyin rolled her eyes and didnt bother to respond to Xie Jiwen.

He was so shameless.

“Elder Sister Kaiyin is being reasonable.” Han Zhuofeng nodded and said.

The corner of Hu Kaiyins mouth twitched.

Han Zhuofeng… was younger than her.

However, he was only a few months younger!

It was fine for Xie Jiling to call her Elder Sister Kaiyin.

But why were you, a grown adult male, pretending to be cute!

A nineteen-year-old girl calling her elder sister was fine.

After all, the girl was truly young.

However, Han Zhuofeng was a grown man who could soon become a dad if he worked harder, yet, he was calling her elder sister.

Hu Kaiyin couldnt accept it.

Hu Kaiyin rolled her eyes at Han Zhuofeng as well.

She didnt want to respond to him.

Hu Kaiyin didnt say anything.

She heard Han Zhuofeng say to Xie Jiwen, “Big Brother, that is wrong of you.

We shouldnt talk about money.

Talking about money puts a relationship in danger.”

Xie Jiling moved her mouth and thought to herself.

‘Money should still be discussed.

He would have to pay her later.

Then, she heard Han Zhuofeng say, “But you just said that I didnt know how to exorcise and wouldnt be able to help Jiling with anything.

You said that I shouldnt stay and that if I stayed, I would become a burden.”

Hu Kaiyin gnashed her teeth.

She wasnt the kind of person who would become a burden!

Why was this dude saying such annoying words!

However, she heard Han Zhuofeng continue, “Since this was what you thought, why did you want Elder Sister Kaiyin to stay with you”

Your bad intentions are clear!

You are harboring an ulterior motive against Hu Kaiyin.


Hu Kaiyin couldnt handle it anymore.

She interrupted before Xie Jiwen could say anything.

She said to Han Zhuofeng, “Can you not call me Elder Sister Kaiyin”

When she said that, goosebumps broke out all over her skin.

Han Zhuofeng smiled in a carefree manner.

“I was just calling you like how Jiling does it.

She called you that so I did as well.”

“Why would you follow what Xie Jiling does She doesnt need you to do what she does!” Xie Jiwen said immediately.

You arent even her family! Why are you even following her!

Just call Kaiyin something else!

Han Zhuofeng pretended as if he didnt hear anything as he said, “Tell us.

Why did you want Elder Sister Kaiyin to stay”

Hu Kaiyin felt like punching someone.

Xie Jiwen thought that Han Zhuofeng wanted to die..

Xie Jiwen gave a fake smile as he said, “To have someone keep me company.

If not, I would be strolling around by myself late at night, and that would be so lonely.”

This was the explanation that Han Zhuofeng had given Xie Jiwen earlier.

Xie Jiwen simply used what he had learned.

“Hehe.” Han Zhuofeng chuckled.

Listen to your lies.

Hu Kaiyin had no idea if Xie Jiwen was telling the truth or not.

However, when she heard that he had asked her to stay just to keep him company, she gnashed her teeth.

“Xie Jiwen!” Hu Kaiyin said angrily, “Dont call me when you need help next time!”

“No.” Xie Jiwen said in a lethargic manner, “When you are around, you can still be of great help.”

“For example, we found these students, and you helped me watch them for a while,” Xie Jiwen said, “If not, I would have to take them with me to find someone who would take care of them, which is not convenient at all.”

Hu Kaiyin harrumphed two times without saying anything.

It was unknown whether she believed Xie Jiwens explanation or not.

“Hello… guys…”

One of the students being protected by the formation couldnt help but speak.

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