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3459 The Life of Disgusting Youngsters

The fog was gathering toward them.

When it reached them, it was even thicker than before.

Thankfully, Xie Jilings brightness talisman was radiating a light powerful enough to ward off the fog.

Even in the thick fog, they could still see each other in the light.

Han Zhuofeng gulped and decided to muster up the courage to move two steps and lean closer to Xie Jiling.

He lowered his head and saw that Xie Jiling was busy and she was using her hand, so he couldnt hold her hand.

Han Zhuofeng thought about it and held onto the hem of Xie Jilings shirt.

Xie Jiwen was speechless.

Xie Jiling was dumbfounded.

After a while, the fog in Ghost Town gathered in the center of the spiritual power gathering formation.

Ghost Town finally looked normal at night.

Stars could finally be seen in the night sky.

The fog had gathered together and had become white and milky.

At this moment, Xie Jiwen held the bead.

He saw the white and milky fog transform into a strand of ribbon heading toward the bead.

It was gathering into the bead in an organized manner.

It seemed to have connected with the bead.

After a while, all the fog entered the bead.

Ghost Town became completely clean as a result.

Xie Jiwen quickly cast a small spiritual power locking formation on the bead.

Then, Xie Jiwen said to Xie Jiling, “I will take this bead home and show it to the elders so that they can study it along with the talisman the vengeful spirit gave us.

We might need to use the vengeful aura from the vengeful spirits origin to activate this talisman.”

“Go back to B City.

Focus on school and dont worry about anything else,” Xie Jiwen said.

“I will travel to Yunlin Mountain after I send these things home to do an investigation on the crack in space.” Xie Jiwen said.

Xie Jiling nodded and asked, “What about the crack in space here According to that vengeful spirit, this crack in space will appear at random times but it seems to only appear in Ghost Town.”

“We will seal the crack here,” Xie Jiwen said, “Just in case we got unlucky, and another vengeful spirit was teleported here through the crack in space.”

Xie Jiling nodded.

At this moment, Xie Jiwen took out a compass, and the two checked the area.

They confirmed that this was the only location where movement in space was detected.

Only one of them was needed to seal up the crack.

However, to ensure no mistakes, Xie Jiwen and Xie Jiling both completed it together.

This case was only considered resolved after these things were done.

Xie Jiling covered her mouth as she yawned and said, “Im so tired.

Lets go back.”

They still had to be on the road for an hour.

As such, everyone went back.

While they were on the way back, Zhang Dingsong and Chen Dinglin asked Xie Jiwen and Xie Jiling many questions about exorcism.

After all, Xie Jiwen and Xie Jiling knew so much more about the topic than them.

Their knowledge about exorcism was beyond their imagination.

Such an opportunity was rare, so the two didnt want to waste this opportunity.

They quickly asked the burning questions confusing them.

They even asked questions about some ideas they had that they could never seem to create.

They wanted to know if those ideas were even possible to achieve.

Xie Jiling was tired, but she still gave a very detailed explanation.

As for the ideas that Zhang Dingsong and Chen Dinglin had in their minds, Xie Jiling and Xie Jiwen told them about the possibility of achieving those ideas.

Some were possible, and the methods were easy.

It wasnt that Zhang Dingsongs and Chen Dinglins level was low.

The two just did things in a very dogmatic manner.

They didnt dare to change their methods to adapt and did things in a very rigid manner.

After Xie Jiwen and Xie Jiling explained things to them, the two had a moment of enlightenment.

“By the way, you should come back with me to the house of the Xie Family,” Xie Jiwen said to Hu Kaiyin.

“…” Hu Kaiyin wasnt happy about it as she responded, “Why should I go home with you”

Xie Jiling stared at Hu Kaiyin for a moment before turning to look at Xie Jiwen.

“Shes meeting the family already”

Hu Kaiyin was dumbfounded.

Xie Jiwen didnt know what to say.

This naughty kid!

Why would she say the truth!

Seeing that Hu Kaiyin was about to explode in anger, Xie Jiwen quickly explained, “No, listen to me.”

Hu Kaiyin stayed silent and stared at Xie Jiwen.

Xie Jiwen then said, “Didnt I say that I would send these things home and leave for Yunlin Mountain”

“What does that have to do with me” Hu Kaiyin said.

“Are you really this ruthless” Xie Jiwen looked hurt as he caressed his chest.

“Yunlin Mountain is an uninhabited forest.

Its very dangerous.”

“I can deal with vengeful spirits, but I am no match against humans or beasts.

I am especially defenseless against humans,” Xie Jiwen said.

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


Why was this guy so shameless!

Xie Jiwen said, “What if I encountered some bandits who had escaped into the mountain Or what if someone saw me by myself and wanted to rob and kill me”

“If I die in that uninhabited forest, no one would know where I died.

They wont even know where to find my body,” Xie Jiwen said.

“If I didnt encounter any bad people because Im lucky, I still have nothing to protect me in that wilderness.

What if an accident happened while I was in the mountains What if I slipped and fell off the mountain”

“No one will be able to help me up.” Xie Jiwen described himself in a pitiful manner.

“If you dont go with me and you hear about my death, will you even cry a tear for me” Xie Jiwen asked Hu Kaiyin pitifully.

Han Zhuofeng was shocked.

That worked

Could he use that trick on Xie Jiling

But Xie Jilings temper was much better than Hu Kaiyin.

He might not have to do that.

Han Zhuofeng was thinking about it when he saw Hu Kaiyin gnashing her teeth and saying, “Did you pretend like I didnt say that I have work to do”

She had finally finished the mission assigned to her by Mount Lan Compound and had reported back to the Mount Lan Compound.

But then, she had only gotten a good nights sleep when she was dragged here to do exorcism work.

She still hadnt even gotten any good rest.

She had been following him around doing exorcism work.

It had been quite easy.

She didnt feel tense like when she was carrying out her mission.

But home would always be much more comfortable than a hotel.

She normally trained at the Mount Lan Compound and had her own house at the Mount Lan Compound.

But Hu Kaiyin had bought a house of her own.

Whenever she completed her mission, she would give herself a vacation.

She would stay comfortably in her house every day without thinking about anything.

She would live the life of disgusting youngsters today.

She would sleep until she naturally woke up at noon, and she wouldnt rush to leave the bed upon waking up.

She would play with her phone.

Time would pass, and it would be afternoon before she knew it.

Then, she would order takeout.

She would eat food and snacks while watching TV series or variety shows.

She would watch all the TV series and variety shows she had missed out on while she was out completing her mission.

She would stay up late if she couldnt sleep.

She would stay up until 3 or 4 am and wake up naturally at noon.

This plan of hers would be her routine and cycle.

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