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3465 Invitation

“At that moment, the system had made its decision, stating that we had chosen Yu Xinlei and that Yu Xinlei would die within the next 24 hours.”

“It sounded so real.

But at that time, besides Yu Xinlei, no one took it to heart,” Yu Yuexin said, “Yu Xinlei was the only one who was worried that an accident might happen to her.”

“The others didnt take it to heart.

But then, after Yu Xinlei was chosen, the game didnt end,” Yu Yuexin said, “The system notified and said that another girl named Fan Jianan lied when she chose the truth and her punishment would be death as well.”

“Then, the system notified again that Ji Yirans dare was to play the wrong note during tomorrow nights party.

If not, she would have failed to complete the dare, and her punishment would be death as well.”

“Then, Fan Jianan insisted that she had told the truth and that she had not uttered any lies.” Yu Yuexin said.

“However, at that point in the game, no one really cared if she was lying.”

“The atmosphere was horrible, and no one was in the mood to talk.

And so, we went on our separate ways and stopped playing any more games.” Yu Yuexin said.

“We went for rehearsal the next day for tonights performance at the evening party.” Yu Yuexin shuddered as she recalled what had happened.

“But then, when we were rehearsing, Yu Xinlei suddenly wrapped her hands around her neck.

Her face turned purple.

She kept crying and sticking her tongue out.

Its almost as though… Its almost as though…”

“Someone was choking her.” Yu Yuexin said.

As she recalled what Yu Xinlei looked like at that time, she subconsciously wrapped her hands around her own neck.

When she realized this, she quickly let go of her hands.

It felt as though she was really worried about choking herself to death.

“We called the ambulance, but she… died before the ambulance arrived,” Yu Yuexin said.

“The hospital checked and said that she died of suffocation.

When I think about what Yu Xinlei looked like back then, it looked like someone had been choking her, which can be linked to her cause of death.”

“Because something bad happened, our performance was canceled.

How could we perform when something this big had happened The teacher leading us was also worried that we might be affected by this and make mistakes during the performance.”

“At that time, we didnt connect Yu Xinleis cause of death with that truth or dare game.

Ji Yiran was the only one who seemed frightened out of her mind.”

“She suddenly asked if Yu Xinlei had died because of that game.

Because at that time, Yu Xinlei was the one chosen to die.”

Xie Jiling listened with a stern expression.

Yu Yuexin said, “Ji Yiran started feeling scared.

If the performance tonight was canceled, she couldnt complete the dare even if she wanted to do it.”

“We then tried to comfort her that it was just a coincidence.

How could something this coincidental happen It was just a game.

How could a game kill someone” Yu Yuexin laughed psychotically for a few moments.

“When we went back to the hotel at night, Ji Yiran went to take a bath.

When her roommate saw that she had been in the bathroom for over half an hour, they tried knocking on the door, but no one responded.”

“Luckily, the bathroom wasnt locked on the inside.

And so, her roommate could just open the door from her side.”

“Then… Then, she saw Ji Yiran lying in the bathtub.

The upper half of her body was lying under the water in the bathtub.”

Yu Yuexin covered her face as she said, “I dont know how long she had been like that in the bathtub.

Ji Yiran stayed under the water.

She didnt move at all.”

“Her roommate was horrified.

However, she still mustered up the courage to drag Ji Yiran out.

Her roommate thought that there was still a chance to save Ji Yiran.

But the moment her roommate stretched her hand into the water, she knew that there was no way she could save Ji Yiran because the water had already turned cold.”

“She dragged Ji Yiran out.

Ji Yiran was no longer breathing.

Her heart had stopped beating,” Yu Yuexin said.

“We called the police, and the forensic results showed that her cause of death was drowning, but it didnt specify why she had ended up that way.

No one knew why.

She was in a bathtub.

Unless she was the one who had submerged herself under the water, it was impossible for her to slide beneath the water.”

Ji Yiran had no suicidal tendencies.

The only thing they could think about was that game.

“If Yu Xinleis death was a coincidence, fine.

But Ji Yiran died as well… That would be too much of a coincidence.”

“I remember you said that the system decided that Fan Jianan had lied when she chose Truth.

Where did she go” Xie Jiling asked.

“The whole situation was very messy.

None of us paid any attention to Fan Jianan.

We were all terrified by what happened to Ji Yiran.

After we reported to the police, we waited for the polices arrival.

We didnt dare to stay in Ji Yirans room.”

“At that time, we were all feeling horrible, so we didnt bother to check who was missing in the room.” Yu Yuexin said.

“When Ji Yiran was taken away, a few of us stayed in the hotel.

Ji Yirans roommate no longer dared to sleep in that room.

The others who played Truth or Dare couldnt sleep.

We were all too scared to sleep.”

“And so, we all stayed in one room.

We chatted with each other.

Suddenly, we realized that Fan Jianan was not in the room.” Yu Yuexin said.

“Her roommate said that Fan Jianan was in the room.

When that tragedy happened to Ji Yiran, she was part of the group that came out of the room.

But when Ji Yiran was taken away, Fan Jianan was nowhere to be found.”

“Her roommate kept calling Fan Jianan.

Even though her phone kept ringing, no one picked up.”

“We thought that we would call the police if we couldnt find her the next day.

She hasnt been gone long enough to say that she had gone missing.

The police wouldnt accept it as well.”

“However, before we could report this to the police the next day, Fan Jianan was discovered dead in the graveyard.”

“There were a total of six people who played the game of Truth or Dare.

The system had decided that Fan Jianan and Yu Xinlei would die.

Ji Yiran died since she didnt manage to complete the dare.”

“We could no longer say that their deaths had nothing to do with the game of Truth or Dare.” Yu Yuexin said.

“The remaining three girls were really scared.

Although they had survived the game, they were still scared that the game might approach them again at any time.”

“Yesterday…” Yu Yuexin burst into tears.

“The notification suddenly popped up on my phone, inviting me to join the game of Truth or Dare.

It asked me to enter the room,” Yu Yuexin said.

Xie Jiling frowned and asked, “You and Li Yisi did not join the game, but you did open the app, right”

Yu Yuexin nodded and said, “We didnt know that only six members were allowed in one room.

We all thought it was interesting and we all opened the app.”

“When I opened the app, the terms and conditions appeared, and I clicked agree.” Yu Yuexin didnt dare to hide any secrets.

She wanted Xie Jiling to save her so she naturally wouldnt dare to keep any secrets.

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