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Han Zhuoli had even said that she would not need to resign and she could keep her position at Han Corporation while she was away studying at school.

Even if she wanted to film and did not have time to work, they could give her a position as a special consultant for the Public Relations Department.

At that time, they definitely would not keep her on the payroll but if she was willing to take up any case, they would pay her according to the assignments she would take up.

It was even what Lu Man had strongly requested of Han Zhuoli, otherwise, based on Han Zhuoli, he wanted to leave a position for Lu Man, and she would get paid every month even without taking up any cases.

As the lady boss of the Han Corporation, why couldnt Lu Man have some special treatment

Han Corporation was Han Zhuolis, and Han Zhuoli was Lu Mans, so Han Corporation also belonged to Lu Mans, there was nothing wrong with that.

But Lu Man did not want that, if the others in the company got to know, they would feel indignant and even if they did not dare to say it out loud, they would definitely talk about it in private.

Lu Man did not want Han Zhuoli to be judged by people like that, after all, he was the CEO of Han Corporation and he needed to be impartial and look after his employees.

When she was studying, she could occasionally take up a case to earn additional money and that was enough for her.

After working for around half a month, it was almost time for school to start.

When Sister Li and others saw Lu Man clearing up her things on the table, they knew that she was probably not going to come back to work in the future, and they felt a bit sad about parting with her.

“Ill still come back to take a look once in a while,” Lu Man smiled and said, “If there are no other plans during my holidays, Ill be thick-skinned and come back to work, at that time, dont despise me.”

“We definitely wont despise you!” Sister Li and the rest hurriedly assured her.

Brother Zhang smiled and said, “Originally we wanted to have a farewell party for you, but we felt that that was not good.

After all, you havent quit yet, and you will come back eventually.

Well just treat you as a member of the Public Relations Department, and you would still come back to work.”

Sisters Li was upset about Lu Mans departure and her face clearly showed it.

She even jokingly scolded Brother Zhang, “Look at what youre saying! Lu Man would be able to come back only if she doesnt become a celebrity.

Of course, we want her to be popular and have no time to come back!”

“Right right right,” Brother Zhang hurriedly admitted his mistake, “I said the wrong thing, I said the wrong thing.”

“I have signed a contract with the Han Corporation,” Lu Man tried to lighten the atmosphere, “I will be just like other celebrities under Han Corporation.

If I have anything I will come to the Han Corporation, even if its not concerning public relations, Ill still come back.”

Chen Shimian chirped, “Is your manager the CEO”

Everybody: “…”

It sounded very logical.

“…” Lu Man was also stunned, “I dont know, no one has told me whos my manager.

But Im about to start attending school, and I dont have any activities planned, so I probably wont need a manager.”

Before this, Lu Man had yet to consider this problem in detail, but now hearing Chen Shimian mention it, she thought about it, could it be that Han Zhuoli really wanted to be her manager

This was way too much!

Who would dare to discuss things with Han Zhuoli!

Furthermore, he was so busy, how could he have time to take up a part-time job as her manager.

Even if Han Zhuoli really wanted to do it, she would reject it right away.

After packing up her things, Sister Li and the rest walked Lu Man to the entrance of the company.

Wu Lize finally opened his mouth and said his first sentence, “If theres anything you need help with, then come back and tell me… tell us.

We are a professional team, after all, we have more strength in numbers.”

“Alright,” Lu Man smiled and nodded.

Seeing Lu Man leave, Wu Lize could not help but think, if that day at the hospital, his mother had not said that, would it have been different for him and Lu Man

It was just, there was no if.


After taking a day off and resting at home, Lu Man got ready to go to school.


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