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What Han Zhuoli had helped her register for day school, Lu Man thought that it was quite good already.

There were not a lot of lessons, and although it would take quite some time traveling, she could go spend time with Xia Qingwei every day.

And at her age, she really did not know how to interact with the girls from her class who were 18 or 19-years-old, there would probably a gap in understanding due to their age difference.

Thinking about how she was 22-years-old now, and her classmates were 18 to 19-years-old, she did feel quite a bit of stress.

On the other hand, Han Zhuolis thinking was even more simple.

If Lu Man stayed in the hostel, it would be so hard to meet Lu Man.

Lu Man was very thankful that she started school from the second semester of the first year, that way, she would escape the military training session; she really did not really like military training.

During her day off, she followed Han Zhuoli to buy some things she needed for school.

Lu Man had lost touch with school life for close to three years, and she was anticipating as well as nervous about going back to school.

Having lost touch with school life, Lu Man was a bit confused about what to buy for school.

Even Han Zhuoli was clueless about it, so he directly called Han Zhoufeng.

And he decided to have Han Zhuofeng buy school stationery and necessities.

Han Zhuofengs face was black as he came out.

Back then, he had said that he would not see her again, but very soon, they were meeting again.

Who knew that as soon as they met, Lu Man would still greet him with a smile.

“Hello, we meet again.”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

Han Zhoufeng suddenly felt that Lu Man was really was at par with Han Zhuoli in terms of enraging people.

Han Zhuoli smiled as held Lu Mans hand, his Man Man had such high attack power, leaving Han Zhuofeng at a loss for words as soon as they met.

Han Zhuofeng harrumphed, “If it wasnt my older brother calling me out, I wouldnt have come.”

“En.” Lu Man nodded, not paying him any heed.

“Anyway, your older brother did it for me.”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

This woman was so unfriendly!

Feeling wronged, he wanted to complain and looked at Han Zhuoli.

“Older Brother, are you going to let her bully me like that”

“Shes your elder, this is not called bullying, you have to be filial,” Han Zhuoli said with a straight face.

“…” Han Zhuofeng was really going crazy.

“How is she, my elder!”

Lu Man maintained a smile but her heart was not calm.

“Dont ask, its for your own good.”

As expected, she heard Han Zhuoli say, “The oldest sister-in-law is like a mother.”

Han Zhuofeng: “…”

He wanted to go home now, was it still in time

In the end, Han Zhuofeng, under the pressure of Han Zhuoli, brought Lu Man to the stores where she could buy the necessities and stationery for school.

But since she was a day student, she didnt need to buy a lot of things.

After shopping, Han Zhuoli brought Lu Man back to school and shooed Han Zhuofeng away.

“Alright, you can go play by yourself.”

“…” Han Zhuofeng finally felt the troubling feeling of being kicked to the curb after he had outlived his usefulness.

“On the last day of my holiday, you called me out, and ruined it for me, now that you finished using me, you are kicking me away”

When Lu Man heard his words, she wondered, why was behaving like a spurned lover

This child really had a serious brothers complex.

“You can dream on!” Han Zhuofeng opened the car door and sat in the back seat.

This time, he did not forget that he could not steal Lu Mans shotgun seat.

“Dont forget that Im also studying at the Drama Academy, whats wrong with me going back to school to take a look Anyway, I want to go with you two.”

Han Zhuoli looked at Han Zhuofeng like he was looking at a dumb person before getting in the car with Lu Man, and driving to the National Drama Academy.

The school did not allow cars inside, and Han Zhuoli did not want to use some special privileges here, so he stopped the car at the entrance of the school.

As the school was starting tomorrow, many students came back to school early, and the campus was bustling with students.


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