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Haha! Han Zhuoli slandering him He was already giving him face.

Fraudulent, dirty acts were common in the market, yet each schemer had his own standard, right

Teacher Li didnt deserve getting slandered by Han Zhouli at all.

He was already been given face as Han Zhuoli could not bother to slander him.

“Young Master Han” Hearing Principal Zhang address Han Zhouli asyoung master, Teacher Li frowned, and sneered coldly, “Where did this rich second-generation heir come from Principal, youre sucking up too much, its really embarrassing for the school!”

Furious, Principal Zhang shot daggers at Teacher Li, this person was really getting more and more out of hand!

“Rich second-generation heir Rich second-generation heir” Principal Zhang was really so frustrated with Teacher Li that he lost his cool.

“Hes the biggest sponsor of our school.

Its CEO Han who invested to build the school library, the laboratories, the theater!”

By the time President Zhang finished saying that, Teacher Li already knew who Han Zhuoli was.

At that time, when the theater was being built, it could be said that it shocked the whole country.

There was not a single institution with its own theater.

Just because of that theatre, National Drama Academy gained an upper hand over Film Academy!

National Drama Academy and National Film Academy were always competing against each other, trying to pull the other down and refusing to give in to each other.

The National Film Academy looked down on how the Drama Academy had few stars emerging from their school, while the National Drama Academy looked down on how the Film Academys stars lacked acting skills.

The year the theater was constructed, many students chose National Drama Academy over National Film Academy.

Although both of them never lacked students who came to seek admission and didnt it feel good looking at the crowd of students who came to apply

Principal Zhang felt that it was not enough and praised, “Our school has reserved slots for students to be recruited into production teams and films, and its because of CEO Han! No matter whether it is a small or big production, Han Corporation never forgets to recruit students from our school.

The reason why people say that the National Drama Academys students dont have to worry about being unemployed is because of Han Corporation!”

“Now youre saying that CEO Han is slandering you, a mere teacher You even had the guts to call him a rich second-generation heir Find me a rich second-generation heir like him!” Principal Zhang was lashed out at Teacher Li.

“All along, you never cared to find out the truth, how many people have you wrongly accused because of your prejudice and imagination Yet you still have the face to yell at me and accuse me of embarrassing the school”

Principal Zhangs words made the other teachers let out a sigh of relief.

Besides the teachers on Teacher Lis team, every one of them had been bullied or ostracized by Teacher Li before.

Usually, no matter how aggrieved they feel, they could only insult him behind his back and do nothing against him

They had really hoped for someone to teach Teacher Li a lesson someday.

Han Zhuolis face was still black, he did not feel that this was enough.

He took out his phone and called Zheng Tianming.

“Hows the plan to invest in building a film and television set for the National Drama Academy going”

Suddenly, there was a pin-drop silence in the room.

Teacher Li looked at Han Zhuoli in shock.

On the other hand, Principal Zhang was anxious and worried.

This was something their school had tried hard to have the Han Corporation invest in.

After sending several proposals, Han Corporation had finally agreed, and now they were in the planning, cost estimation phase of the project.

“The estimates have already come out, and were now preparing a detailed proposal,” Zheng Tianming replied.

Han Zhuoli instructed coldly, “Theres no need to prepare an agreement, we are putting a stop to the whole plan.”

Zheng Tianming was stunned for a while, but instantly regained his composure and said, “Alright.”

“The rest of the investment plans for National Drama Academy should be stopped too, and as for the yearly recruitment for production team and films, it can be canceled altogether,” Han Zhuoli said.


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