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Lu Mans protest was useless.

She tried kicking, hitting, everything but it was all futile.

In the end, she was sobbing and crying, feeling very woeful.

Did this person have any self-control!

He was too overboard!

“There there.” Finally, after quite a while, Han Zhuoli was feeling satisfied and full.

He kissed away the tears from the corner of her eyes as he consoled her.

“Its alright, its alright.

Its alright now.”

Completely exhausted, Lu Man didnt even have the strength to open her mouth.

She wanted to sleep but Han Zhouli had tormented her so much that she couldnt even sleep now.

Finally, when Han Zhuoli let go off her, it was morning.

Displeased with him, Lu Man kicked his calf.

“I want to sleep.”

“Ok ok ok, sleep,” Han Zhuoli coaxed as he hugged her.

Right now, Lu Mans mind was occupied with just one thought. A man who has had his fill would agree to anything.


Since it was already morning when Han Zhuoli finally let her sleep, Lu Man didnt exactly see what time it was.

Anyway, when she woke up again, it was almost noon.

Opening her groggy eyes, Lu Man saw that Han Zhuoli was still asleep.

Not wanting to disturb Lu Man shifted quietly.

However, Han Zhuoli didnt even open his eyes and pulled Lu Man into his embrace instead.

“Where are you going”

“Ive promised Mom that Ill take her to watch Red Tiger today.” Lu Man pushed him away.

“Let go of me now.”

Yet, who knew that not only Han Zhuoli would not let go of her, but he would instead flip over, trapping Lu Man in his embrace.

Burying his face in the crook of her neck, he took in a deep breath.

Lu Man shivered as his hot breath hit Lu Mans skin.

His scalding breath splattered onto the skin on her neck, flushing Lu Man red.

“It will be so great if I could just hug you like this all day long and never get out of bed,” Han Zhuoli lamented, his palm rubbing circles delicately on her waist.

At this moment, Han Zhouli finally understood the feeling of ” From now on, a king will never go to court early in the morning 1 ”

Right now, Lu Man and Han Zhouli were having skin to skin contact with no barrier between them.

This level of intimacy made her break out into a big smile.

Wrapping her arms around his slim waist, she pressed her forehead onto her shoulder.

She never thought that one day, she would have such close intimacy with a man, their bodies sticking to each other, completing their souls.

When she nuzzled her forehead gently on his shoulder, she found it to be as smooth as if she was rubbing against silk.

Such a new and strange feeling made Lu Man feel playful and naughty.

After rubbing against his shoulder, she rubbed her cheek against his.

However, Han Zhuolis face was not as comfortable as his shoulder.

After one night, he had grown a little stubble.

It wasnt so obvious to the naked eye but when she rubbed her cheek against his she found it to be rather stiff and ticklish.

“Doing this only makes me even less willing to let you go,” Han Zhuoli said hoarsely, his pupils darkening and deepening.

Seeing that he was getting excited, Lu Man rushed him into getting up.

“Hurry up, get up quickly, arent you still bringing Grandpa and Grandma to watch the movie today”

Han Zhuoli cast her a meaningful look.

“Give me a chance, Ill definitely make you unable to get out of bed until night.”

Lu Man: “…”

Were they even talking about the same thing

This mans brain was only filled with such dirty thoughts.

Did he even hear what she said just now

Eventually, Lu Man was still fiercely made to go another round by Han Zhuoli before he finally let her go.

The next moment, Han Zhuoli also rushed out of bed too and started cleaning himself up.

Fortunately, Lu Man could now bear it and wasnt as sore as her first time where she could not even get out of bed even on the next day after being tormented by Han Zhuoli.

However, today her back was still sore and her legs were aching.

It was as if she had done some intense weight training the day before and now all her muscles were aching in pain however not to the extent of being unable to move at all.

“Since Grandpa and Grandma are going to watch it today too, why not we ask Mom to tag along.” Han Zhuoli suggested as he put on his clothes.

“Wont that be a little worrisome” Lu Man was rather worried.


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