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Back then, Lu Man was pretty too yet she lacked something.

Whereas now, Luam had a seductive glow to her and was like a plump, sweet, enticing fruit.

In the past, no matter what, Lu Man refused to let him touch her.

However now just for a bit of fame, Lu Man had learned to participate in casting couch and had found herself a rich backer, letting him toy her as she lacked self-love and dignity.

Thinking about how Lu Man had degraded herself to such a low level, He Zhengbai felt utterly disgusted and at the same time, he was unwilling to admit that he was a little jealous.

After all, Lu Man was his ex-girlfriend, and although she had not allowed him to touch her before, she was willingly embracing another man now.

Thinking about Lu Man being naked and hugged by a big, fat man, he was quite jealous and unwilling to admit defeat.

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Honestly, in any man\'s eye, Lu Man was really more beautiful and charming than Lu Qi.

Lu Qi\'s innocent white flower look was beautiful but if one looked at her for too long, it was hard not to get bored.

On the other hand, Lu Man\'s look was captivating and she had a bewitching presence.

Since the time they had laid a trap for her in the hotel, Lu Man seemed to have changed a lot.

She was still the same Lu Man from before, yet at the same time, she was not the same one too.

As sly as a fox, she was now very cunning and incomprehensible.

She was no longer easy to control or fool.

The Lu Man in the past was dumb and very easy to trick.

It was probably because, at that time, Lu Man was still in the Lu family and could not escape, and had been forced into a corner.

At that time, He Zhengbai became her only savior.

No matter what she felt, she could only believe in He Zhengbai, even if she was tricking herself, only when she was with He Zhengbai could she breathe.

But later on, Lu Man\'s personality took a 180-degree turn.

She became sly, smart, and could no longer be controlled at all.

Although her current personality made people hate her, she also turned into an enchantress.

Unlike the time when He Zhengbai was in a relationship with Lu Man, right now his mind was completely occupied by Lu Man in the past.

Lu Man did not know that ever since He Zhengbai had been bashed by her, He Zhengbai came to school more often, and couldn\'t help but sneak glances at Lu Man from afar.

He just did not know what kind of illness he had as he could not control it.

Zhengbai Lu Qi tugged at He Zhengbai.

Suddenly, He Zhengbai returned to his senses and asked, En What is it

The stuff I said just now, did you not hear it What are you thinking about Lu Qi\'s expression darkened.

Why did you get lost in your thoughts when I mentioned Lu Man

Seeing He Zhengbai\'s eyes flash, Lu Qi\'s expression darkened even more.

Is it that you cannot forget Lu Man

That vixen, even after breaking up, she\'s still seducing people!

Why won\'t I be able to forget her She\'s someone\'s mistress! I find her dirty.

How can she even compare to a single hair of yours!, He Zhengbai hurriedly held Lu Qi\'s hands.

I was just busy thinking of how to use this to deal with her.


As soon as class ended, Lu Man followed Zheng Yuanshi and the other two to the canteen.

On the way there, Lu Man felt that the students around her were looking at her strangely.

All the hallways she passed by, she felt people throwing unfriendly, disdainful gaze at her.

There were people who even directly passed comments at her.

Listening to their comments, it did not seem like they were curious because of Red Tiger .

What\'s going on Pan Xue frowned.

We just attended two lessons and came out, right Why does it feel like the world has suddenly changed What\'s with these people\'s gazes It\'s like they are judging us.

Pan Xue looked all around her and confirmed that their gazes were indeed on them.

They are really looking at us, right No matter how I look, it doesn\'t seem like they are looking at anyone else.

Such disdainful gazes were really directed at them and not anywhere else.

Lu Man frowned.

I feel like they are looking at me.

That can\'t be! Pan Xue found it strange and couldn\'t understand why.

Even if they are looking, it has to be because of Lu Man\'s recent popularity, so they shouldn\'t have such a contemptuous gaze.

I\'m not smart, but I feel like they are looking down on us, could it be that I\'m mistaken


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