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Zhuang Tingting was really scared.

She wasn\'t already popular like Zhuang Tingting nor was she as rich as Lu Qi.

Right now, she didn\'t even dare to look at Lu Man.

She didn\'t know exactly what background Lu Man\'s in-laws had to make Principal Liu want to please them so eagerly.

Meanwhile, Old Mrs Han couldn\'t be bothered to look at Lu Qi and the others and so she waved her hand.

Alright, we came here this time for Man Man.

Since the matter is cleared up, we will be leaving.

Even if Principal Liu expected this long ago, hearing Old Mrs Han saying it out loud still made him shocked nonetheless.

The two elders actually came here specially just for Lu Man.

No matter who tried to invite them, the two elders usually didn\'t accept any invitations.

However, just for Lu Man\'s sake, these two elders had involved themselves readily.

Allow me to send you off, Principal Liu said hurriedly.

Professor Hong also temporarily stopped the lesson and followed along to send them off.

Lending a hand of support to Old Mrs Han, Lu Man headed out together with them.

Seeing that there weren\'t any professor left in the class either, all the students crowded at the window.

After not long, Old Mrs Han came downstairs with Lu Man supporting her and they walked to the car.

As expected Zhuang Tingting and Yu Jingxian both recognized the car to be the same as yesterday\'s.

Grandpa, Grandma, Auntie, sorry for making you come all the way here just for my sake. Lu Man didn\'t know how to show her gratitude towards them.

Silly child, it\'s nothing. Old Mrs Han chuckled and patted the back of Lu Man\'s hand.

Looks like we should bring forward the date of the engagement.

If you wear an engagement ring on your hand, there won\'t be those rubbish rumors anymore.

When Principal Liu and Professor Hong overheard, they were astounded as if they had heard some huge secret in the entertainment industry.

The paparazzi didn\'t even know about it, but they did!

What a satisfying feeling!

Even Lu Man didn\'t imagine that Old Mrs Han would suddenly blurt out something like this.

Getting engaged had never crossed her mind, and neither had she discussed this with Han Zhuoli before.

Right now, she didn\'t know how to answer, and she didn\'t know whether Old Mrs Han said it in the spur of the moment.

Old Mrs Han grinned and said, Alright then, go back to class.

Yes. After watching the two elders and Shen Nuo\'s car leave, Lu Man started walking back.

As Han Zhuofeng walked by her side, he mocked her.

Aren\'t you usually really capable Why did you let Lu Qi and who\'s that other person off so easily

Zhuang Tingting. Lu Man reminded him.

Honestly, Han Zhuofeng completely didn\'t plan on remembering that name anyway and waved his hand.

I think that that Zhang girl is definitely involved too, but you\'re just letting them off like this

Hehe, how\'s that possible. Lu Man laughed sarcastically.

Have I ever let those who messed with me off the hook

Han Zhuofeng heard Lu Man\'s words and suddenly felt a gloomy and chilly wind blow past him.

Rubbing his elbows, he silently stepped a little further away from Lu Man.

… Lu Man looked at him, speechless.

What was this kid up to! Yesterday, I\'ve already warned Zhang Xiaoying that if she dared to keep spouting rubbish, in the future, I will ruin every single show she acts in.

Smirking, Lu Man rubbed her hands.

I want to see how long she can hold on for.

As for Lu Qi. Lu Man pursed her lips.

Right now, she is completely in the dump.

I\'m too lazy to bother wasting time on her.

Suddenly, the corner of Han Zhuofeng\'s lips smirked slightly.

If Lu Qi found out that Lu Man had already treated her as trash in her heart saying she was even too lazy to bother making a move on her, she would probably go crazy with anger.

Lu Man lowered her head and rubbed her fingers.

She still won\'t let Lu Qi off though.

She still hadn\'t forgotten their vengeance from her past life.

What Xia Qingwei suffered, what she had suffered.

She won\'t let Lu Qi and her mother run from this so easily.

However, it wouldn\'t be good to mention this in front of Han Zhuofeng, Principal Liu and the others.

After all, she was the only one who knew about what happened in her past life.


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