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Moreover, for them, she only clashed with Lu Qi this year, and it wasn\'t to the extreme of fighting to death.

At the side, Principal Liu\'s face was frozen cold, his teeth aches from grinding so hard.

If you guys are going to discuss about how to mess with others, can you not do it in front of him the principal

This would make things very difficult for him!

Shouldn\'t he protect the students in the school

As for Professor Hong, he directly decided to pretend he heard nothing.

Besides, Lu Man also wouldn\'t mess with them in school.

What happens outside of school is beyond their jurisdiction.

Seeing that Lu Man had a plan, Han Zhuofeng didn\'t say anything more.

And since he didn\'t have any classes in the afternoon, he directly headed to the work studio.

Whereas, Lu Man followed Professor Hong back to the class.

Because of what happened before, it caused quite a commotion, and it took quite a while for the students to calm down.

After the lesson, when Professor Hong left, all the students turned to look at Lu Man, their gazes were rather conflicted and complicated.

Previously, when they heard that she alighted from a luxury car, they thought that she had become somebody\'s mistress and derided her a lot.

After all, Lu Man really had way too amazing resources and her luck was honestly extraordinary good.

If she really was so lucky, it would honestly make others too jealous of her.

Why was it that even though they were all the same, some people could be so lucky

Why didn\'t such good luck fall in their hands too

They weren\'t lacking anything compared to Lu Man.

If they also had such opportunities like Lu Man, they would also have achieve results similar to Lu Man\'s.

Therefore, when they heard that Lu Man was actually being somebody\'s mistress, being a sugar baby, they were extremely pleased , and also felt like oh so that was why.

As she was somebody\'s sugar baby, having someone is willing to spend money to support her, she naturally had more opportunities than others.

However, just now, Lu Man\'s future in-laws even came and firmly rebuked all the rumors!

Lu Man was being supported by somebody and had resources, but that was because of her future in-laws, because of her boyfriend.

There completely wasn\'t anything as being a mistress!

Everyone instantly felt even more frustrated, they felt like their chests were so tight and suffocating that they wanted to pound on their hearts a little.

Lu Man\'s luck was really a lot better than they thought!

Not only did she have good opportunities and resources, she even found such influential in-laws.

Right now, no one was even suspecting whether they would break up in the future, as her in-laws had already stood up for her publicly and spoke for her.

With such a relationship, would they even break up

Lu Qi\'s face scrunched up.

Until now, she still didn\'t know who Lu Man was dating.

She was only sure that Lu Man was indeed dating, and her boyfriend seemed to be pretty amazing.

But exactly who was he

Lu Qi pondered about it for a long time, but still didn\'t have a single clue.

As she looked at Lu Man, something flashed past her mind.

Han Zhuofeng.

Family name Han…

Could it be…

Lu Qi was shocked but hurriedly tossed the thought aside.

She felt that it was too ridiculous and let out a little scoff.

Maybe they just shared the same family name, that was all.

There were so many people whose family name was Han and who were also rich.

It definitely couldn\'t be Han Zhuoli!

Where did Lu Man get such terrifying good luck to date Han Zhuoli

It definitely couldn\'t be Han Zhuoli!

There were tons of people who were rich, maybe one of them also had a family name of Han.

Usually when she looked at Han Zhuofeng, he also didn\'t look like a son of any grand family or household.

Although Lu Qi consoled herself like this, she for some strange reason still felt a little uneasy.

Thus, she rushed to look for He Zhengbai and told him about what happened today in the Performance class.

Zhengbai, you are in the same major as Han Zhuofeng, do you know about his family Lu Qi asked.

He Zhengbai shook his head.

I asked him before about it.

He\'s quite a sensation in our major.

Remembering how Han Zhoufeng even stole the spotlight from him, He Zhengai\'s face turned a little dark.

Everyone knows that he comes from a good family, but no one knows exactly which.

He Zhengbai frowned and laughed sarcastically.

I originally thought that he was just puffing himself up at his own cost, and pretended that he came from a good family and intentionally acting to be mysterious, but I didn\'t expect that he really came from a good family.


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