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Whimpering softly, Lu Man hugged him tightly.

She kicked him a little impatiently, urging him.

Tsst, Han Zhuoli hissed.

This little girl was really good at tormenting people!

As if she couldn\'t hug him enough, Lu Man clinged onto his neck tightly, sticking her forehead onto his shoulder and the tears hanging onto her eyelashes fell on his shoulder.

Thinking about what this little girl suffered the past few days, Han Zhouli\'s heart ached a lot.

Cuddling her, he coaxed over and over.

He kissed her eyes, feeling her long lashes flutter against his lips.

Having missed him dearly, Lu Man also held onto him, refusing to let go.

Han Zhuoli also wanted more of her too.

He was scared that he wanted her too much, for too many times, and annoyed her, so he didn\'t dare to go overboard.

Seeing lu man like this, he was very surprised and immediately hugged Lu Man again and fiercely went for another round.

Until Lu Man honestly couldn\'t have anymore energy to hug onto him anymore and laid sprawled in his arms lazily.

Han Zhuoli\'s finger stroked gently and comfortingly on her smooth and soft back.

Lu Man finally caught her breath a little.

Lowering her head, she pecked on his chest twice and lifted her head again, placing her chin gently on his chest.

As she didn\'t put in any strength, Han Zhuoli only felt like it was a little ticklish.

He gently pinched Lu Man\'s chin.

Your energy is back Another round

Lu Man fiercely kicked his ankle.

Not yet.

Then why did you seduce me Han Zhuoli\'s voice became low and horse.

Lu Man felt wronged.

When did I seduce you

Look at how you\'re smiling at me, the man said it righteously.

Lu Man: …

You even kicked my leg. Han Zhuoli suddenly grabbed her waist and lifted her up.

Did you not know that it was a hint

After he spoke, he grabbed the back of her head and kissed her hard.

Lu Man: …

That was just some warped logic!

Wait, feels like something is wrong.

Lu Man regained her breath and said, How did you know that kicking your leg was a hint

She squinted her eyes.

Who kicked you before

… Han Zhuoli instantly felt all sorts of accusing arrows shooting at him.

Only you.

Impossible, if not where did you gain all this experience from Like me, I didn\'t know that kicking your leg was a hint. Lu Man won\'t let him off the hook.

… Han Zhuoli finally understood what it felt like to shoot himself in the foot.

Bracing himself, he said, i learnt it from the movies.

Lu Man looked at him, her gaze full with suspicion.

Who knows whether she really believed him, but she didn\'t mention it anymore.

Really… He really felt so wronged.

He really learnt it from the movies!

Pft, Lu Man burst into laughter.

I know! I was just scaring you.

In her past life, until she died, she never heard that he had a woman.

In this life, she naturally believed him too.

Besides, he had that status and such a work environment.

Even if he didn\'t flirt with other women, it also wouldn\'t stop other women from rushing to look for him.

Even if he hooked up with someone before, Lu Man also wouldn\'t find it strange either.

In the past, no matter how girls seduced or hooked up with you before, I can\'t stop you, it\'s just bad that I found out about you late. While Lu Man said that, she still felt a little unhappy.

But in the future, don\'t let them get close to you.

Without waiting for Han Zhuoli to profess his love, she said, I know you, I know that you won\'t like them, but you still can\'t give them the chance to get close!

Han Zhuoli smiled.


He was originally very mindful of keeping his distance.

Lu Man turned her head and saw that the sky was getting a little darker.

Han Zhuoli noticed it too but really didn\'t want to get up.

Nonetheless, he still smacked her butt.

Let\'s move, let\'s go home.


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