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I saw it, Assistant Zheng sent yesterday\'s box office collection rankings over. Instantly, Lu Man guessed what was on Ji Cheng\'s mind and didn\'t give him a chance to ask.

You want to ask why the box office collection did not increase after the intense promotion yesterday, right

Embarrassed, Ji Cheng scratched his head.

I\'m not chasing you for debts.

I know that our movie has already maxed out, it\'s already hard for it to rise up again, this is normal.

I\'m just—

Ji Cheng was so anxious that he scratched his ears rapidly, unable to put his thoughts into words.

Detecting his anxiety, Lu Man chuckled.

You\'re scared that I must be stressed out and embarrassed because my publicity did not achieve the expected result, right

Ji Cheng laughed dryly.

Yep, something like that.

Thank you, Lu Man said, feeling touched by his worry for her.

Ah, why did you say that out of a sudden Ji Cheng hurriedly replied.

Please don\'t, please don\'t.

You didn\'t even ask for my publicity proposal before transferring 20 million yuan for promotions.

Now although it clearly looks like my plan failed, instead of blaming me you were worried that I\'ll be upset over this. How could Lu Man not be touched

In both her lives, she had met too many people that made her heart turn cold.

But in this lifetime, she met several good-hearted people who cared for her and helped her.

Having gone through a tough period where she had to be cold-hearted and protect herself, she honestly cherished such kindness and compassion.

Don\'t worry, I will retain your trust in me and I will not let you down for sure. Lu Man assured and explained.

Even though we are promoting all over the Internet, it\'s just the start.

It takes time for such publicity to give results, it won\'t have an instant effect.

It\'s like letting the emotions and information slowly integrate into the heart and lives of the audience.

Every time an article concerning Red Tiger crops up in their feed, they would surely take a look.

After seeing it for a couple of times, somehow the good things about Red Tiger would ingrain in their minds.

Isn\'t it the same as brainwashing Intrigued, Ji Cheng asked subtly.

Getting serious, Lu Man explained.

If you frame it like that, it\'s the same.

With the influx of negative news surrounding Attack Force and Red Tiger rigorous publicity, a week is enough for the audience who are yet to watch Red Tiger to have a good impression of Red Tiger.

The box office collection would explode again soon, probably on the day Attack Force officially airs.

However, this week, the box office collection of Red Tiger won\'t change drastically, so I just want you to be mentally prepared for this.

Alright, I trust you, Ji Cheng spoke outright, Even if it doesn\'t explode in the end, don\'t feel pressured.

Honestly, Red Tiger being able to achieve this result is already something unimaginable, I never dared to dream so big before.

Moreover, without your help, no matter how good Red Tiger was filmed, at max it\'s box office collection could only have been 2 to 3 billion.

The only thing Ji Cheng was worried about was that Lu Man would be under great pressure.

I know, don\'t worry. Lu Man reassured him.

Right now, several people had their eyes on Red Tiger\'s box office collection.

Since there was no increase in its sale even after the widespread publicity, everyone felt that Red Tiger had maxed out its sale.

Thus, the people who had been oppressed by Lu Man\'s post started to gloat at her misfortune.

However, having learned from the previous lessons, no matter how excited and impatient they were, they controlled themselves and did not jump out to mock Lu Man, planning to observe the situation for a few more days.

What if just as they jumped out to mock Lu Man and the next day Red Tiger\'s box office collection increased

This had happened quite often!


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