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Chapter 691: Seeking the Size of Lu Qis Emotional Trauma Right Now

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“But this still has to do with Lu Mans ministrations.

If it was another movie, it would have been beaten down by Attack Force long ago.

Especially since some directors in this country are extremely spineless.

Even in the face of Bourbotte and the others insults, they still praised them as a great god.

Therefore, if such a matter happened to another director, they would probably have just admitted defeat and quietly allowed Attack Force to hit them down, letting them continue to flaunt and dominate in our countrys movie industry, earn buckets and buckets of money yet continue to look down on us.”

“But Lu Man, Ji Cheng, and the others blood and character couldnt stand such a bad habit.

Because of Lu Mans stunning public relations techniques, not only did she bring Red Tigers box office up once more, but she even helped other locally-produced movies box office reach a new height.

Therefore, I call these two months the Blooming Spring of Locally-Produced Movies.

Therefore, it is indeed wrong that Lu Mans fans give all the credit to Lu Man alone.”

“However, Lu Man haters also ignore Lu Mans effort and give all the credit to the director.

Thats inappropriate too.

Just as the main cast of Red Tiger said, all of them put in the effort, so the credit belongs to everyone.

As Lu Man was around, she seized the right opportunity and changed from being passive to being active.

She used Attack Force to raise Red Tigers box office again and instead let the blockbuster Attack Force end up as a flop.

This is not something that anyone can do.

Therefore, Lu Man did help a lot in this.

Now, Greedy Wolf Operations and Red Tigers box office have brought the local movie market to a new height.”

“Holy! Amazing god! 666!”

“Brother, you are really objective.”

“I received a piece of news that back then, Lu Man was found at the last minute and helped the Red Tiger team tide through an urgent crisis.

To thank Lu Man, Ji Cheng signed a contract with her wherein she would receive a share of the box office.

Probably back then, Ji Cheng himself didnt think that Red Tiger would be so impressive.

He must have thought that it would be pretty good if it could hit a billion, but he didnt know that it would actually reach 8.9 billion.

Therefore, Lu Man struck gold this time.

She has become a rich lady, and she could even stop filming.”

“Please dont let Lu Man stop filming, her acting is really reliable.

Putting aside her ability to make things popular, she does have good acting skills herself.

With Lu Man mixing in the entertainment industry, it has become so exciting and fun.

If Lu Man leaves the industry, the excitement would be halved.

What fun would there be to speak of”

“This point tells us that a good person will be rewarded!”

“Lu Man is loyal and upright, and now she has been rewarded.”

“Hahahaha, I just want to ask, do you regret, Lu Qi Back then, you refused to join the cast because you wanted a little more salary, and you threw away such a good character.

Now, look at Lu Man, she is thriving so well.

If you hadnt done that, even if your salary wasnt as high as Lu Mans, at least you would have gotten your popularity back.

Unlike now, where theres no difference between you and a salted fish.”

“Comment above, you are wrong.

If it were Lu Qi, Red Tiger wouldnt have such a high box office like now and Lu Qis still wouldnt have increased her popularity.

Therefore, opportunity and ability are both very important.

Of course, without Lu Man, Red Tiger wouldnt have had a problem getting four to five billion at the box office.

Lu Qi could still have used Red Tiger to increase her popularity, and it might even have been higher than her previous peak.

What a pity, she was too near-sighted.

You cant regret anything in life.”

“I just want to know how much Lu Qi is regretting it right now.”

“Seeking the size of Lu Qis emotional trauma right now.”

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