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Chapter 699: Reminder

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Blushing, she pointed at the belt of her robe.

Understanding what she meant, Han Zhuoli walked over.

Anticipating yet nervous, he swallowed.

This was the most nervewracking and exciting moment in his life amongst all the times hed opened a present.

He reached out and pinched the belt of Lu Mans pajama robe.

The silk robe was smooth and silky.

With just a gentle tug, the belt around her waist loosened.

The collar of her pajama robe opened up, revealing a corner of her translucent nightdress.

Han Zhuoli suddenly held his breath.

He completely didnt expect that Lu Man would be like this!

He was so nervous that his finger started trembling.

Moving his hand to the collar of her robe, he gently moved it aside while trembling, revealing what was inside.

That half-revealing, half-covering body, that extreme beauty hidden behind a fog appeared before his eyes.

Han Zhuolis breath started getting heavy and more rushed.

Finally, he took all of her pajama robe off.

Revealing that sexy nightdress.

His long arms wrapped around her slender waist and suddenly pulled her close into his embrace.

Her entire body was so soft.

“I really like this present.” Han Zhuoli wrapped his lips around her earlobes.

“This is probably the best present Ive received in the 31 years of my life.”

Lu Man had already melted into a puddle of goo in his arms, her eyes dazed and distant because of his hands.

Han Zhuoli rubbed the thin veil covering her skin.

He kissed her everywhere over the thin cloth.

This little fox, how did she think of that

He loved it!

Yet, the result of Lu Man doing this not only made Han Zhuoli extremely excited for the entire night.

Even on the next day, Sunday, she was also pressed into the bed by Han Zhuoli almost for the entire day as he refused to let her go.

Thankfully, at noon, Auntie He, feeling very embarrassed, stood outside the door and asked if they were awake and whether they wanted lunch.

Only then did Han Zhuoli finally stop.

After they had lunch, Lu Man received a phone call from her old neighbor.

Yesterday, Lu Qiyuan went to Xia Qingweis old place and couldnt find her.

The neighbor said that he didnt know where Xia Qingwei was.

He indeed didnt know, but he had Lu Mans contact.

In the past, Xia Qingwei had been ill and lived alone.

How could Lu Man not have worried Hence, shed given her contact details to their neighbor.

She asked him to look out for her a little.

He didnt have to do anything else, just to call her in time if anything happened to Xia Qingwei.

To be honest, this was still the first time the neighbor called her.

“Hello.” Lu Man picked up her phone.

“Lu Man, Im the old man who was your neighbor back where you used to live,” the old neighbor said.

“Hello, I know that.

I saved your contact number.” Lu Man hurriedly said, “Whats the matter”

“That father of yours came here yesterday,” the old neighbor said.

He originally wanted to call him that shameless sc*mbag father, but he changed his words ultimately.

“I dont know whether to tell you about it since you have already moved out.

Yesterday, after discussing it with my wife, we still felt that we should let you know, so that you could be mentally prepared,” the old neighbor said.

“Yesterday, he came looking for you, but I dont know whats the matter either.

Anyway, he just started banging on the door crazily the moment he came.

From that behavior, it looks like he isnt going to be friendly.

Its definitely something bad.”

“I am sincerely so sorry about it, it must have disturbed the new owner too.

Please help me to send my apologies to them too,” Lu Man said.

“Sigh, they also understand.

Even if they were angry with what your father did, they would only get angry at him.

It has nothing to do with you,” the old neighbor said.

“Alright, Ill pass on your thoughts to them.”

“Thank you very much,” Lu Man said.

“And thank you for letting me know so that I could be mentally prepared.

Because of us, your lives have been disturbed too.

Im really sorry.”

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