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Chapter 701: Could It Be Yan Zhiqing

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After hearing Zheng Yuans explanation, Lu Man finally realized that her direct nomination was surprisingly really valuable.

Lu Qi sat at the side silently.

No one bothered with her.

In the past, she was even more successful than Zhang Xiaoying.

She heard Zhuang Tingting at the side speaking to Zhang Xiaoying, not being low-profile at all.

“Xiaoying, I think that todays direct nomination will definitely be yours.

Didnt your family donate a gym to the school It allowed the students in our school to exercise and work out there for free.

We get to tone our bodies, and there are even specially-trained trainers to teach us.

Your family is even planning on building a cinema for our school.

I heard that the school didnt plan any major projects this year.

Your familys investment can already be considered a big project.

If its about having a huge contribution to your school, I think it applies to your family.”

Lu Qi gritted her teeth and thought that, if the Lu Corporation wasnt having any problems that would make Lu Qiyuan be in such a frenzy right now, the Lu family would also have given the school some money.

Who would even care about Zhang Xiaoying!

Zhang Xiaoying seemed to have learned her lesson and didnt dare to be too high-profile, afraid that it would only slap her back in the face in the future.

The corner of her mouth still couldnt help show how smug she was feeling, but she said humbly, “How does this little bit even matter There are many capable people in the school.

I wont talk about others, but Lu Man is one of them.

Even though the Lu family cant make it, doesnt she still have her future in-laws”

Lu Qi pursed her lips unhappily.

Just talk about Lu Man if you want to, why did you drag the Lu family into this too!

Zhuang Tingting scoffed coldly.

“You said so, too, that thats only her future in-laws.

Right now, it looks like they are treating Lu Man well, but as long as they arent married yet, who knows what will happen in the future She still hasnt married him, why would they invest so much for her How could it be possible”

“I heard that in order for Senior Yan Zhiqing, whos in Year Four now, to come to this school to study, the Yan family built a second library for the school,” Yu Jingxian said.

Fan Xiyue said, “But she cant participate in this years Chinese Arts Championships.”

“Huh Why” Fang Xuelei asked.

“It could be said that shes the signature pride of our school.”

Not only did she have the support of the Yan family, but the Yan family also had a relationship with the Han family that was as strong as steel.

Yan Zhiqing was also signed by Han Corporation and had received a lot of support and promotion.

And Yan Zhiqing herself had sufficient ability and talent.

She didnt embarrass the Yan family or the Han family.

Using her outstanding acting skills and ability to pick good scripts, shed quickly found a footing in the industry.

As long as it was a film or television show that she participated in, the quality was guaranteed.

Be it the investment or production of the film or television show, or the scale of the cast, it was guaranteed to be good.

The production was professional and meticulously done, and all the actors had good acting skills.

They had good chemistry with her, and it was really satisfying when they acted.

It also made the audience very satisfied when they watched.

Therefore, every television show that Yan Zhiqing acted in was guaranteed to do well in terms of viewership ratings.

They were always at the top spot.

The box office of her films werent as crazy as those of Greedy Wolf Operation or Red Tiger , but they still did well among its peers.

After all, the box office of locally-produced movies only recently started increasing wildly because of Lu Man.

Yan Zhiqing had even been named as the most likely female actress who could enter the international stage after Gao Zishan.

Therefore, saying that Yan Zhiqing was the signature pride of the National Film Academy wasnt an exaggeration one bit.

“She definitely has outstanding grades, and shes even made a huge contribution too.

It was only because of her that the gap between us and the Film Academy didnt become further apart.

And all these years, when it comes to producing actors with good acting chops, the National Drama Academy has always produced more.

The netizens even said that as long as you look at their acting, you can tell where they had graduated from.

Speaking about our school, they always gave off an image that their students are like vases that depended on their looks to earn money.

Thankfully, there is still Yan Zhiqing, whove helped maintain our schools reputation.

If it comes to who would definitely get the direct nomination this year, it will definitely have to be Yan Zhiqing,” Yuan Menghan said.

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