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All the students in the class who passed the first competition became nervous, staring at the name list in Teacher Liangs hand as if they wanted to pierce through it.

“Alright, Ill start to read out the names of the students whove qualified for the Chinese Arts Championships,” Teacher Liang said, not trying to play with them anymore.

“From the Year Four Performing Arts Class: Ni Xue, Yang Ruilin, Meng Yihan.

Year Three Performing Arts Class: Li Zeyu, Dong Jingxi.

Year One Performing Arts Class: Fu Kaiqi, Xu Ziyi.”

“Where are the ones for our class Doesnt our class have any”

“There are only seven people so far, there are still three more.”

“I placed our class last to read out,” Teacher Liang explained.

“The people whove entered the competition are Zhang Xiaoying, Lu Qi.”

“Theres one more, right”

“This makes nine people.”

The other people who had entered the internal finals were also nervous, and their heart was beating fast as they held their breath.

“Could it be you” Zhuang Tingting asked Yu Jingxian.

“In our class, aside from Xiaoying and Lu Qi, youre the one whos most possible,” Zhuang Tingting said in a low voice.

“Your grades rank tenth in the class.”

After hearing her say that, Yu Jingxian became even more nervous.

Although in her heart she felt that she had a lot of competitiveness, she said, “Its only the top ten.

There are a lot of people in the top ten.

Besides me, there are so many others.”

“I dont know why, but I still feel that you are the most possible one,” Zhuang Tingting said in a low voice.

Following that, they heard Teacher Liang say, “And Lu Man.”

When the last name came out, everyone was shocked.

In particular, the students who felt they had a chance to enter could not accept it at all.

They looked at Teacher Liang, then looked at Lu Man.

“Why is it Lu Man”

“Right, she did not even enter the school finals, how was she chosen”

Yu Jingxian bit on her lips and took a look at Zhuang Tingting.

This person was really a jinxer.

Every time she said she was sure it was someone, that person would definitely fail and be embarrassed.

Now that she thought of it, Zhang Xiaoying had already been harmed by her many times.

It was really quite scary.

“Lu Man was directly chosen to be sent by the school and did not need to participate in the schools internal choosing,” Teacher Liang explained.

Everyone remembered only then that there was a rumor that the school had already given a direct pass, but they did not know who it was.

Now everyone knew, that person was actually Lu Man!

“It is actually Lu Man!”

“Why did they give the direct pass to Lu Man”

Zhang Xiaoying was alright because, at this time, she had found out that she was already mentally prepared.

Ever since Zhuang Tingting started to nag about Lu Man being eliminated and her not having any real ability, Zhuang Tingting had felt that the situation was not that simple.

From the start until now, when did Lu Man ever get eliminated

Other matters aside, just in the school, there were so many people who did not like her.

From the time she had entered the school, Lu Man was already being doubted.

From the end of semester examinations until the selection of students for the Chinese Arts Championships, everyone had not been looking well upon her and shed been mocked.

Everyone had been waiting for Lu Man to be slapped in the face.

But what happened in the end

Everyone was slapped in their faces by Lu Man.

Because of that, regarding this thing about participating in the competition, even though Zhang Xiaoying mocked Lu Man a lot in private about how she did not even have the right to participate in the finals, she had never dared to say it in front of Lu Man.

Because she was scared of being slapped in her face.

Zhang Xiaoying was really scared.

After being messed with by Lu Man a few times, shed learned to be careful.

Today, upon hearing the results, aside from Zheng Yuan and the other two, she was the calmest one.

On the other hand, Lu Qi was so angry that her face changed.

Originally, she had thought that Lu Man was not as good as she was and that her success before was just a one-off thing.

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