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“What kind of logic Do tell! Saying that there is logic but refusing to say where the logic is.”

“Haha, a sentence saying that you want to make sure Lu Man does not become proud and instead continue to improve herself and youre just ending it like that Why did you give another student who is obviously not as good as Lu Man marks higher than hers Dont tell me its to encourage him Didnt you say that youve always been strict”

“For Lu Mans own good How disgusting!”

“With an attitude like that, acting like you are above others, even though you are doing unfair things, you still phrase it so nicely: Strict, for your good.

I think its shameless!”

“Strongly requesting the organizers to change the judge!”

“Boycott Sun Changfang.

In the future, the shows with Sun Changfang in it, I definitely wont watch!”

“How coincidental.

Recently, hes been participating in a theater performance that is showing now.

He has quite a lot of screen time in this.

Its called Marathon of Love.”

“Marathon of Love.

Alright, Ill remember that, I wont go watch it.”

“I find it disgusting when I look at him.”

“I just bought Marathon of Love because of Sesame Theater, but Im going to refund it now.”

Sun Changfang did not care about the words of the netizens.

These people were just having a say.

Most netizens were like that: they could speak, but their actual actions were lacking.

Even the organizers of Sesame Theater did not care about it, leaving it be.

At that moment, Zhang Lun posted on Weibo, “Some people feel like theyre being embarrassed if the results are bad and did not reach the standard they want.

They then activate netizens to boycott this and that.

Childish! What a joke! If you have a low score, go and improve yourself, dont find trouble for the judges.

They are not your father for you to have them do things your way.”

“F*ck, Zhang Lun came out to show his presence again.

Has he not been attacked enough!”

“I found out that as long as it is concerning Lu Man, he needs to come out and try to step on her.

An adult man trying to bully a young girl every day, how embarrassing.”

Wang Shuyi saw that Zhang Lun was being attacked he hurriedly added, “Director Zhang is only commenting on the problem of the young celebrities nowadays.

Could it be that we cant even speak the truth now”

There was another netizen who said: “Haha, you guys speaking like this, you probably dont know Lu Mans final results, right Aside from the unfair 7.9 that Sun Changfang gave Lu Man, the other teachers all gave Lu Man 9 marks and above, and Lu Mans final results reached 54.6!”

“So that is to say, Lu Mans acting skills have been witnessed.

Sun Changfang being blind aside, everyone has eyes and can see it.

Even though Sun Changfang gave low marks, Lu Man can still get first place.”

Seeing Lu Mans marks, Zhang Lun instantly went quiet.

He indeed did not know that the other judges had given Lu Man such high marks.

Wang Shuyi still refused to admit his fault and said, “Haha, its probably that Teacher Sun Changfang gave low marks and the other teachers were scared of hurting Lu Mans feelings and gave her high marks.”

When Xu Ningxian saw Wang Shuyis words, she was amused.

This persons IQ was 250.

She instantly tagged Zhang Guangtao, He Shuxin, Liu Lijin, Hao Zhonghai, and Li Lingmei, “Teachers, someone is doubting your professional standards.”

When Wang Shuyi saw it, he was extremely angry.

He looked at Xu Ningxians description and saw that she was the president of Lu Mans fan club.

Wang Shuyi: “…”

F*ck, isnt this Lu Mans hardcore fan!

Xu Ningxians Weibo post caused He Shuxin and the rest to all jump out.

They naturally could not stand people doubting their professional standards.

He Shuxin: “All the teachers have their own ways of grading in their hearts.

You can disagree with the marks I gave, but you cant randomly doubt my professional standards.”

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