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The school principals gave the awards to the last five placers while the guest judges gave them to the top five placers.

Han Zhuoli took the trophy and certificate.

He walked towards Lu Man and handed the trophy and certificate to her.

When Lu Man received them, blocked by the certificate, Han Zhuoli actually grabbed her palm right in public.

Lu Man softened and almost dropped the trophy.

Thankfully, Han Zhuoli caught it in time.

“Happy birthday,” he said suddenly.

Lu Man violently looked towards him.

In her surprise, her mouth widened slightly.

Today was her birthday.

She had actually forgotten about that.

He actually knew

Han Zhuoli silently raised his eyebrows.

She knew his birthday.

Wouldnt it be unreasonable if he didnt know hers

Ni Xue looked over suspiciously.

Just now, it seemed like Han Zhuoli had said something to Lu Man.

But the surroundings were too messy.

All around was the sound of the music.

She totally couldnt hear anything clearly.

The emcee emphasized once again that the top five would be able to join The Performer.

Then, she congratulated the top ten students once more and let them head off stage and return to the backstage to change out of their costumes.

Until now, Lu Man and the others were still wearing their performance clothes.

Lu Man changed her clothes and cleaned herself quickly.

She took off the hairpin she used to match with her gown and tied her hair up into a clean and comfortable ponytail.

The others had also finished changing but havent left yet.

Ni Xue saw Lu Man and couldnt help but ask, “Lu Man, just now, when Mr.

Han was presenting the award to you, what did he say to you”

“Hows that any of your business” Lu Man didnt spare her any face in front of everyone.

“You sure are a busybody.”

“How could you talk like that!” Ni Xue stormed angrily.

Ultimately, just as she finished speaking and before she could continue, someone called for Lu Man.

“Lu Man!”

Right after hearing that voice, everyone was shocked and dazed.

Why did this voice sound so familiar

Right after that, they saw Sun Yiwu walking in.

“Director Sun!” Lu Man was surprised and delighted.

She didnt expect that Sun Yiwu would actually come to the backstage.

In front of all the students, Lu Man also felt sheepish calling Sun Yiwu “Uncle Sun” so blatantly.

Whod have known that Sun Yiwus face would turn ferocious as he immediately asked, “What did you call me”

Lu Man broke into a smile.

Plucking up her courage, she could only say, “Uncle Sun.”


What… what did Lu Man call him


Sun Yiwu was her uncle

What kind of joke was that!

The two of them didnt even have the same surname!

Could it be that Lu Man debuting with Greedy Wolf Operation right away was because she was Sun Yiwus niece all along


So you performed this today!” Sun Yiwu gave a thumbs-up to Lu Man.

“You didnt make me or Old Ji lose face! We came here to cheer you on.

It wasnt a wasted trip at all!”

As Sun Yiwu spoke, he was holding onto a little box that was wrapped very delicately.

“Today is your birthday, and you managed to clinch the first place today too.

Its double the joy! Happy birthday.”

Lu Man received the present in surprise.

She didnt know what to say.

“Uncle Sun…”

“You silly child.

You dont have to be so polite with me.” Sun Yiwu smiled.

“In the future, you will receive birthday presents every single year.”

“Thank you, Uncle Sun.” Lu Man looked at the box in her hands.

She still didnt know what was in it, but that didnt matter.

What mattered was the thought behind this present.

It had really… really been more than ten years since she had received a birthday present.

She even almost forgot how it felt like to receive a present.

“You silly child, why are you so touched by this” Sun Yiwu rubbed Lu Mans hair and shouted out of the door, “Wheres Old Ji Why isnt he here yet He sure knows how to take his time!”

“He isnt here yet.

You can open up my present first,” Sun Yiwu said as he smiled.

Lu Man opened up the present.

It was a ladies watch.

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