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Yang Ruitian signed too.

Ni Xue followed and signed the contract.

Other than Lu Man, whod expressed that she wouldnt be signing it and would be leaving the competition, only Li Zeyu was left.

Li Zeyu looked at Lu Man, then at the other people who had already signed the contract, and said to his manager, “I wont be joking around with my reputation.”

Lu Man didnt sign.

Strangely, he slightly believed in Lu Mans judgment.

All along, Lu Man had never lost.

There were so many times where people belittled her, but in the end

The one who got slapped in the face ultimately was never Lu Man.

Lu Man didnt sign.

He felt that this fake program wouldnt last long either.

It was fine if no one found out, but once the inner workings were revealed, not only will the program be finished, even the celebrities whod participated in the program would be stained badly as well.

No matter what the real reason was that Lu Man wouldnt join, he decided to believe in Lu Man.

Li Zeyus manager, Zhang Hai, sighed deeply for a while.

“Alright, then.”

Li Zeyu was rather young, but he was steady and capable.

He had been very grounded all along.

Zhang Hai rarely treated him like a little kid and really respected his opinion.

Zhang Hai looked at Lu Man.

Lu Man was about the same age as Li Zeyu and Ni Xue.

To him, she was like a kid too.

Yet, strangely, she gave off a feeling that people could trust in her.

Unknowingly, he trusted her judgment too.

Zhang Hai shook his head and smiled.

He was clearly still older than Lu Man by 20 years.

This feeling sure was strange and weird.

Therefore, Li Zeyu said to Xu Yaojie too, “Sorry, I also wont be signing.

Ill leave the competition.”

Xu Yaojie scoffed in anger.

“Fine, dont sign it and dont regret it.

I wont give you two a second chance.”

Li Zeyus heart stuttered a little, but he turned his head and saw that Lu Man still looked firm.

Hence, he stayed firm too.

“I wont sign it.”

“Haha, fine!” Xu Yaojie took away the contracts.

He stood up and said to Ni Xue and the other two, “After this, a staff member will contact you to inform you about the date and time of the recording.”

After he spoke, without even saying goodbye to Chief He, he stormed off angrily.

Dean He didnt even know what to say to Lu Man or Li Zeyu.

Lu Man was a young lady, but she was as fierce as a sharp thorn.

He pointed at Lu Man and Li Zeyu, not saying a word for a long time.

Taking in a deep breath, he said to Yang Ruitian and Chang Yachen, “I want to speak privately to the students from my school.”

Yang Ruitian and Chang Yachen realized what the situation was and hurriedly stood up and left with their managers.

Dean He looked at the two of them and said, resigned, “Just wait, I will have to tell the principal about this!”

It was so rare that three students from their school had clinched the top three spots.

It was such a good opportunity for them to join a variety show on Xing Ke Station, and they could even have helped to promote and publicize for the school.

They could have let people know that the National Film Academy could produce skillful actors too!

And now, things sure were amazing—these two people were quitting!

Clearly, more people from the National Film Academy had advanced through the competition, but in the end, the National Drama Academy won against them 2:1.

Ni Xue didnt move and said to Li Zeyu, “Its Lu Mans business if she wants to quit.

Why are you joining her! It was such a good opportunity!”

Li Zeyu pursed his lips and said, “Since Ive already decided, I wont regret it.”

Wang Lijun looked at Hu Zhonghui and said, “Nice to meet you, Im Ni Xues manager, Wang Lijun.

You must be Lu Mans manager.”

“Nice to meet you, nice to meet you,” Hu Zhonghui hurriedly replied.

“Im Lu Mans manager, Hu Zhonghui.”

“Why didnt you try to persuade Lu Man a little” Wang Lijun said while smiling.

“Its very common for celebrities to be temperamental and have their own opinions.

They even have jobs they dont want to take on.

Just like typical office workers, they too have moments wherein they dont feel like going to work or times when they have to take on work that they dont want to do.”

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