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Even if they were exaggerating, there would at least be some truth in it.

It couldnt be that there was no truth in it at all and that they were just blindly hating.

However, after seeing Lu Man today, he realized that that wasnt the case at all.

Lu Man was intelligent, knew her boundaries, and was very clear about her own knowledge.

She knew where she stood and how she should behave, and she wouldnt overstep her boundaries.

At least, in this aspect, Chi Xingrui had a pretty good impression of Lu Man.

She wasnt like what those other people had said about her.

“Thats right.

But you are the expert in this field.

You could probably guess our intentions,” Chi Xingrui said and smiled.

Lu Man smiled.

She knew that the other party wanted to see exactly how much ability she had.

“Then Ill just say it boldly.

If I say anything wrong, please dont laugh at me.

When you head back and talk to the head director about me, please spare some thought.”

“Hahahaha!” Chi Xingrui gestured a “please” gesture.

“I promise you.

Go ahead and say it.”

“Because of my conflict with The Performer, the matter about its internal workings got exposed.

Right now, to the netizens, Im standing on the opposing side of The Performer.

Speaking about it from a bigger scale, from the Chinese Arts Championships to The Performer, Ive always been standing on the opposing side of unfair competitions.

Therefore, if I participate in any competition-like shows, that would precisely speak about the fairness of that competition.”

“Of course, Classic X Files itself isnt really a competition-based variety show, so this problem doesnt exist for you.

However, because the conflict between me and The Performer is really big, and The Performer is aiming straight to defeat your show and specially decided to air at the same time slot, the motive is very clear.

Also, with my participation as a guest on that show on the same day as the premiere of The Performer, it would instantly bring the competition between the two shows to a whole other level.

It would let The Performer know that your show knows about The Performer‘s intentions and that your show is not afraid of the competition.

Asking me to join is to fight head-on with them.”

“Also, because of my conflict with The Performer, when netizens find out that Ive joined your show, it would seem really exciting and interesting, so they will definitely follow it more closely.

Whether they watch your show or watch The Performer, or follow both parties viewership ratings, no matter who wins or who loses, it would definitely raise the popularity to yet another higher level.

This would be a good thing for your show.”

“Also, one more point, Im just boldly guessing here.” Lu Man sipped a bit of her coffee.

“All along, Ive been using the trends to create topics and raise the box office earnings.

Thinking about it, I see it could be used for viewership ratings too.

Because of my success during the past few incidences, could it be that your show is hoping to have my help to beat The Performer down too”

Chi Xingrui was a little taken aback for a moment.

Then, right after, he burst out into laughter.

“I didnt think that you would have even guessed that.

The last point is our productions team small little thought.

Having you say it out like that is still a little awkward.”

Lu Man smiled and said, “I dont really mind.

Besides, its good to lay it out clearly.

Doing so would make our cooperation even more convenient.”

Chi Xingrui was surprised.

“Are you agreeing to it”

Lu Man smiled and said, “I dont seem to have a reason not to agree.

Also, to be honest, I really dont want The Performer to make a comeback.

Not because they have offended me—actually, it does not even have anything to do with the show itself.

I have another reason.

However, its just that right now, that reason seems to be tied closely to the show, so I might as well do it too.”

She wanted to let the Lu Corporation lose out, so The Performer had to lose out.

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