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“Aiya, why is it this line Itll be hard for Lu Man to deal with it.”

 Even Fan Yue said, “These lines are not easy to act out! The original version is carved too deeply into peoples hearts.

As long as you recite the first line, there will naturally be the image of the original in mind, and it cannot be stopped at all.”


This scripts ability to dominate emotions is too much.

No matter how you recite it, itll be too funny.”

“Itll be hard for Lu Man this time.”

 “I can only do my best.

Furthermore, I might be lucky and draw a lot that is a kind of amusing emotion,” Lu Man said, then went to draw a lot.

 And in the end, after seeing what she drew, Lu Man directly squatted on the floor and covered her face.

She laughed and laughed and said only after a while, “Can I not record this show anymore Its making life too hard for people.”

 “Hahahaha! What did she draw!” The audience was even more curious.

 Fan Yue took out the card in Lu Mans hand and also laughed after seeing it.

“Lu Mans luck is too bad, even my head aches for her.”

 Fan Yue recited the requirements out.

“Act as a mentally unsound patient who is a cold and blood-thirsty perverted murderer.”

 The audience were all stunned, and instantly, the whole audience exploded in laughter.

 “My gosh! How will she act this out!”

 “Lu Mans luck is also really bad!”

 Lu Man cleared her throat and suddenly sat on the floor.

After lowering her head, she did not say anything for a long time.

 The audience finally realized that something was not right, and all became quiet.

 At that moment, Lu Man raised her head, showing her cold eyes.

Her gaze did not hold a shred of emotions.

It was cold and cruel.

 “Ever since Ive entered the palace…” Lu Man slowly said, her voice light and cold, like she was muttering to herself, yet it was like a scare right next to your ear.

 The audience all felt goosebumps, and they instinctively rubbed their arms, being totally scared by Lu Man.

 “Needs to spread, his, rain, and, dew, equally…”

 “My gosh, its too scary.

How is this convincing the Emperor to spread his rain and dew equally This is asking the Emperor to go die!”

 “Before this, during the Chinese Arts Championships, there were netizens who said Lu Mans acting skills were good.

Later on, after watching it on the website of the Xing Ke Station, I found that it was indeed not bad, but separated by a screen, there is no shocking feel like when watching it live.”

 “So it turns out that watching Lu Man perform live is actually like this, too shocking.”

 “Through the screen, I felt that it was lacking a bit.

The camera perhaps can capture the details on her skin, but it is unable to express her atmosphere.

Watching it live, I totally feel that Lu Mans atmosphere is spreading out, and it is too strong.”

 “Lu Mans whole body is in sync with the character!”

 “Her lines were said until I forgot how they said it humorously in the original, totally wiping away my memory of those lines and replacing it with how Lu Man said it.”

 “So brilliant!”

 After Lu Man finished performing, she quietly stood up.

 She saw that the audience members were all quiet, looking at her in stunned silence.

 Lu Man said in his heart, Please dont let it be that they were scared by her acting like that kind of pervert.

 Lu Man hurriedly bowed, livening up the atmosphere.

“My performance is over, why arent you all saying anything Was it that bad”

 The audience finally returned to their senses after Lu Mans words.


The whole area was flooded with applause!

 “Not bad! Not bad at all!”

 “Its not just not bad, your acting is so good!”

 “Brilliant! Too brilliant!”

 “Looks good!”

“I was scared, and shocked, and forgot to respond.”

 “The brainwashing performance of the original show was actually oppressed by you.”

 “Too good! I regret not buying tickets for the Chinese Arts Championships that time.

Just based on Lu Mans performance, the ticket price would have been worth it.”

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