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Lu Man was a newcomer to variety shows and did not understand well how the recording of variety shows were conducted.

 Upon hearing Chi Xingrui say that, she understood.

 Lu Man thought for a while, then said, “How about we directly mention me”

 Lu Dongliu and Chi Xingrui listened carefully.

“Continue speaking.”

 Lu Man said, “It is rare that Director Sun and Director Ji are participating in a variety show.

It would be a pity to leave out any one of them when doing the publicity.”

 “The original idea of using me as a point to do publicity must remain unchanged.

That is to say, that I came to participate in Classic X Files to publicly slap The Performer‘s face and to then push the popularity of the show to a certain level.

Well let the netizens start discussing that first.

However, this will be a good thing not only for Classic X Files.

It will also help The Performer,” Lu Man said.

 Lu Dongliu nodded.

“I thought about that too, but it cant be prevented.

Since we want to fight head to head with The Performer and The Performer purposely chose to air on Friday night at 9, that means theyre also purposely aiming at us.

And as soon as theyd set their airing date and time, the audience had already thought about how our show will be airing at the same time period.

Because the two shows are the same type, the two of us are basically doing publicity for each other, right”

 In that sense, no one would take any losses.

 They were both making use of each other.

 However, it was ultimately Classic X Files that would take a greater loss.

 After all, The Performer was ruined because of Lu Man, and in the end, it just so happened to have become talked about because the timing of its airing was the same as Classic X Filess.

 Lu Man went on to express her understanding.

“This is the first stage.

However, when announcing that Ill be the guest for the third episode, you can drop hints at the same time about a few mystery guests to leave space for the audience to think about and guess at it.

Its better than letting the audience not know anything and only have them find out on the day the show is aired.”

 “What does that mean” Lu Dongliu asked.

 “Think about it this way,” Lu Man said with a smile.

“When are you beginning publicity”

 “After setting the plan today, if its possible, well start doing publicity right away.

Its about to be the New Year soon, and at that time, there will be the Spring Festival Gala and everyone will be advertising for it.

At that time, with all the information combined together, the effect of our shows publicity will be affected,” Lu Dongliu said.

 “Theres enough time even if you start doing publicity today,” Lu Man said.

“For example, you need to first announce that I and Qiao Luna are the guests for the third episode, then expose a photo of me and her.

Next, say that the mystery guests we invited this time are big shots whom no one will have expected.

You can even say that some of them have never participated in any variety shows before or something to that effect.

The publicity team of your production group definitely has experience in that area.”

 Lu Dongliu took note of all of that.

“The front part of the publicity period clashes with the advertisement of all the stations Spring Festival Gala, and our variety shows status definitely cannot compete with the advertisement for that event in all the big television station.

Hence, during the front part of the publicity period, we should just give way a bit and not put the important points in the forefront.

The important thing is to garner the curiosity of the audience, then later on, to give more hints regarding the mystery guests and when they would appear.”

 Lu Man calculated the dates.

“I feel that the day after the Chinese New Year or the third day are both fine.

If you can do it, perhaps you can come up with a small program.

Im not very clear about these sorts of professional matters.

You can have the little brother in charge of technology to take a look and find out which is the most suitable way of doing it.”

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