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The soulless mirror. Lolis, the pretty woman

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They entered room no. 9 and the first thing she looked at was the bed, and he, to her accommodating perfectly.

Perhaps it was already noon when he opened his eyes and looked at his sleepy and carefree, still dressed in the sensual red dress that tightened to her belly contrasted perfectly with the whiteness of her skin, which made her look as appetizing as an apple already bitten, which was always ready to be finished, but as soon as they entered the hotel room, He was always willing to finish, but as soon as they entered the hotel room.

She fell struck just feeling the softness of the bed, so he preferred not to wake her, staying with the craving for that half-eaten apple that he decided to leave for later, falling asleep also while admiring her and remembering a scene from that classic in English: Pretty woman with Richard Gere and Julia Roberts when Vivian Ward and Edward Lewis negotiated the price of her stay in the bathtub, being the white sheets the foam on they bed.

But when he awakened another need, he forced him to stop admiring that disheveled beauty he had on the sheets, and not wait any longer for fate to make things happen, since due to the discomfort caused by the hunger already passed that no cigar deceived anymore.

And he had to leave her there so alone and helpless, he took the money he had left from the change of the cost of the room, and trying to take a few minutes, He looked for something quick to eat in the vicinity of the hotel, while thinking about what to take to the pretty woman in red, to make that when she woke up in addition to her beauty, she would give his a beautiful smile, and in who knows how many minutes he returned hurriedly, looking disappointed at the empty bed that with its saddened sheets, indicated that the delicious half-eaten apple was no longer there, But he smiled pleased to see her open the bathroom door while smiling at her in embarrassment, not for showing his her body Half-naked wrapped in dreamy towels, if not for not having provided it since with so many smiles she had promised.

"Excuse me, Daddy, for falling asleep, but I felt so tired because I had hardly slept at all.

-Well, we are the same, because I also for the same reason you are so bad, because I do not know if hunger or fatigue overcame me, because when I was about to wake you up I remembered that you do not like to be awakened at dawn, and I am admiring you, I even fell asleep without realizing the same, now eat something that, although it is no longer time for breakfast, you will like what I have brought you to eat.

"Of course I need breakfast, but you are the one I go to eat first.

The girl tells him that ignoring the food he began to lift his shirt and without even concealing his haste he unlocked the belt buckle, enduring the pain of one of his nails, that broke and stood on tiptoe to reach his lips that waited for her.

While the damp towels glided through the white softness of that skin wet with fresh water that ended in sweaty humidity, despite the air conditioning that with the noise of its compressors, tried to hide the moans of pleasure of those lovers, who although it was the first time they saw each other seemed to have loved each other all their lives, Like a couple of old souls who were looking for each other celebrating having reunited, after centuries of being lost.

-It was very yummy all this that you brought me to eat, but the dessert was yummy.

The girl tells him after devouring everything he had brought her.

"Yes, but you ate dessert first.

He tells her smiling, as he picked up the disposable containers of food to throw them in the trash, and she lay down without stopping looking at him with the beautiful nature of her green eyes.

"Were you really going to sleep in the park, Daddy?"

-Well, I don think that, to sleep, but if to wait for the dawn.

He answers her while throwing a sheet over her to cover her nakedness.

- What don you like about my body?

She asks him as showed him again the snowy skin of her round, shapely breasts.

-On the contrary, blondie girl, but I love more to see your body when I undress you, and at the moment I know that your skin is going to be covered by my kisses and my hands, to prevent someone else from seeing you, so better cover yourself to continue imagining yourself naked just for me.

- Do you know that you are the most beautiful man I have ever met?

-I do not think it blondie girl, because you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in any park at dawn.

The girl took the TV remote, local news appeared, and she reached for her handbag to take out her cell phone and when she saw the time, exclaimed.

-Its more than 9 oclock at night Daddy and I have to go, but I would like to know what you plan to do.

-I will do exactly the same as I did when you met me, wait for the sunrise with the difference that this time I will not be sitting on the park bench, thanks to you that at least I have where to spend tonight and tomorrow I will worry about the next.

-I imagine you are one of those who come to the Carmen City to seek employment on off shore rigs and oil tankers. The girl tells him as she finished dressing. -I have to leave sweetheart, but I want you to know that since I do not want someone else to find you in the park, I will pay for the hotel and come to see you every day until you find a job or something, but I just want to ask you a favor.

-Well, I thank you and you can ask me what you want.

He tells her by taking her by the waist to gently sit her on his lap, while stroking the skin on one of her knees.

-I will come to see you every day, cute daddy so that you are not hungry or anything you need in what you find your job, I just want you not to ask anything about me, and do not go to the park at dawn anymore, I will leave you money for the hotel and for you to eat and stay to wait for me here.

-Do not worry that I will try to find out nothing about you, because now I know that the more I know about you, and you about me, Sooner we will have to say goodbye, and all this money as soon as I find the job I am looking for, I will pay you.

-Oh Daddy seriously that you are so beautiful and I had such a good time that I do not want to leave.

The girl tells him from the door of the hotel already open and ready to leave, but the red tight to his waist, made him feel that that red apple was still half-eaten and 3 strides reached her, to kiss her again and while sinking into the depth of her green eyes, a kick It caused the door to close and the low-cut dress to fly through the skies like the petals of a red rose, in the leafless wind.

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